Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Random Dozen: Elmer's Glue and Designing Women

Here are Linda's questions for the week.

1. Define a great relationship.
Nothing like starting out with the easy questions, Linda.
I think a great relationship, whether friendly or romantic, requires loving honesty, trust, loyalty, common values, and some common interests. I am blessed enough to have two wonderful friends who fit this description and an awesome husband.

2. Why is it called a "drive-through" if you have to stop? (Real question: What was the last food/drink you purchased at a drive-through?)
It really should be called a "drive around," now that you mention it, Lid. I bought Daughter a Frosty, fries and chicken nuggets from Wendy's.

3. As I type this, the Butler Bulldogs are getting ready to play in the NCAA championship game. Every Hoosier is hysterical about this except me. So in honor of the Bulldogs ... what is your favorite breed of dog? (I tried.)
I was so glad to see you weren't going with a sports question. We know how much I love sports. Ahem.
My favorite breed would have to be the beagle. I just love them. In all honesty, I love the mutt in the pound who needs a home. I really love his little nose pressed against the chain link gate.

4. If you had to move to a state besides the one you currently live in, where would you move?
This one is obvious.
South Carolina runs a close second. I love the low country.
Notice both offer wonderful beaches and fabulous seafood.

5. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
I honestly can't think of anything. I have great parents.
As for what I would change about myself, I would not have squirted the glue in my hair in Kindergarten. I would also love to go back to first grade and punch that kid who picked on me on the playground.
Did I mention that my parents were faithful in taking me to Sunday School?

6. Who's the funniest person you know?
My husband. His humor is part of what attracted me to him. That and his blue eyes. We can sit on the sofa and laugh with each other about anything. We can make stuff up as we go along and just laugh. When people visit they look at us strangely.

I've told him that one day we will end up in a home and the staff will think we have dementia, not knowing it will be perfectly normal.

7. Did you get enough sleep last night?
No. The last time I got enough sleep I was about 5 years old.

8. What's the first thing you thought about this morning?
I'm sleepy.

9. Grilled or Fried? --HONESTLY
Unless it is amberjack, and then GRILLED.
My food preferences are always in CAPS LOCK.
(I'm glad Lid gets my subtle, punctuational humor. Not even sure punctuational is a word.)

10. Are you afraid of the dark?
No, but I'm afraid of flashlights.

11.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was in the 4th grade I wanted to be a dental hygienist. Then I realized what they had to do most of the day and that the dentist really made the cash. I decided to be a dentist.
At some point in high school, I wanted to be an interior designer. I blame Julia Sugarbaker.

12. If you had one word to describe yourself , what would you choose?
Square Peg
That's two words, so I'll go with one.

See Linda for more rockin' random dozens. Thanks for the great questions this week, Lid!


Cortney said...

Love the square peg answer, I would say that is me too lol.No matter how many times I try I can never get through that round hole.

SouthLakesMom said...

You're in great company -- Jesus was the ultimate square peg, wasn't he?

Have a great day!

Joyce said...

Loved your girls go to college in SC and we love it there. You're so right about the food : )

Enjoy your day!

Carpool Queen said...

Hello fried, beachy square peg who loves to laugh. I think we could be friends :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

ohmygosh you made me laugh out loud several times. LOVE YOU AND YOUR FOOD PREFERENCES. Thanks for playing. You're always a fave blogger in my heart.

Lea said...

Think we all enjoyed your square peg answer! But, they were all good answers and brought a chuckle or two. Love Wednesdays Random Dozen. Meet such great folks!

Pamela said...

I loved Julia Sugarbaker! When she got mad, was she ever fabulous!

Nel said...

Ok I guess I am the square peg now... Who is Julia Sugarbaker? Loved your answers! Thanks for sharing!

until next time... nel

Susanne said...

I heart you. You make me laugh!

Pam Ponder said...

great answers, I love the flashlight comment :-)

Mocha with Linda said...

Your answers are great.

Glue in the hair? You'll have to join Flashback Friday when I get to the school memories!