Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Observations from the Couch

What you may have overheard at our house last night:

Sound of me typing on the laptop. Seinfeld re-run playing in the background.

Hubs- "You know, Mike and Ikes are genius because you have the Mike and Ike in the same box."

Sound of my brain cells trying to comprehend, followed by the sound of me typing on the laptop.

Hubs- "Did you know that if you need your teeth permanently altered that it has to be done by the dentist? The hygienist can't do it?"

Me- "What does that have to do with anything?"

Hubs- "Nothing. You just may need to know that if you have your teeth permanently altered."

Sound of me typing all the nonsense on the laptop mixed with the shaking noise of a box of Mike and Ikes.

And the faint cries of a dental hygienist off in the distance.

Tomorrow we discuss the complex nature of the doctor/nurse relationship and why neither of us likes Raisinettes.


Carpool Queen said...

Sadly, we've had twenty minute conversations over Raisinettes vs. Goobers.

Prepare yourself.

Susanne said...

LOL. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

I love Mike and Ike. And now I have to go get me a box.

Roxanne said...

LOVE chocolate covered raisins. . .but do NOT prefer Raisinettes. . .or Mike and Ike.

Right now I have been SUGAR FREE for MORE than 48 hours. . .even after my incredibly stressful two days of either crying or trying not to cry. . .maybe it has to do with being sugar free for as long.

Hmmmm. . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, the weirdness of random conversations, eh?

I sub in the school system, and I had a student, out of the blue, ask why they aren't allowed to wear striped shirts.

I looked at him like, "Which recess of your mind did you pull that out of, and what in the heck did you eat for lunch?"

We all giggled and resumed working on the Early American worksheet.