Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What A Mama Does

I went to the mailbox today and found a treasure. No, it wasn't the valentine. I've given up on that. It's probably lost. I keep picturing someone in the deep rainforest of Papua New Guinea trying to read it, holding the twenty up to the sun, and trying to figure out the meaning of all the stickers on the envelope.

It's all quite fascinating, especially since I'm fairly sure people in the rain forest don't actually get mail.


Mama sent us an envelope of treasures.

She recently found a very old photo of my great grandparents. It's one of those black and white photos where the subjects sit next to each other, but not very close. Neither of them smile and you know they probably only took the photo because a photographer was in town. I look at it and wonder what work they had to put aside to take the time for the snapshot.

She also included newspaper articles. This is what mothers do when their daughters move away. They clip and highlight newspaper articles from the hometown paper and mail them. The biggest news is always a wedding, or maybe the birth of a baby. Sometimes someone wins an award. Then there are the festivals and town tragedies.

One of the sweetest items she included was a clipping from a Belk circular. It featured a gorgeous comforter set in pinks and greens from the Biltmore collection. Next to the photo, Mama wrote,"Looks like something you would like."

It's not that I'm going to order the comforter. I'm not even looking for one. Mama just knew that I'd love it (and I do) and that I'd appreciate her sharing it with me (which I do.) What's more endearing is that she recognizes what I love.

That's what a Mama does.

Even the ones in Papua New Guinea.


Mary said...

Awww...that's such a sweet post!

Carpool Queen said...

I pink puffy heart love this post. It makes me want to call my mother. My mom still buys me socks. I'm 40 years old and have never had to buy my own socks. It makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Does your mama still submit random bits of information about you and yours to the local paper? Mine does. The exaggeration is a little disconcerting.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

You're so right. That is exactly what a mama does whose daughter has moved away. I wrote a post on my blog just a few weeks ago about my mom's habit of sending us all newspaper clippings. but hers are usually of the this-is-what-the-experts-are-saying variety. Articles on parenting, dressing for success, teenage driving, living within your budget, etc. All things my mom hopes we are doing, but kind of doubts it and believes we need a little help! But I love my mom for her sweet little way of sending us advice!

Love your blog! I'll visit again soon!

Christi said...

Wow, I love old family pictures. It is so funny to see the resemblance (or lack of) with the current family.

And mama's in PNG hang their kids in a tree in scratchy stretchy bags so they will take a nap. I suppose it keeps the kids out of the way of crocodiles but it still doesn't seem loving to me.

There is mail service in the towns but not much need out in the bush.

Melanie said...

Sounds just like something my mom would do:)

Susanne said...

Awww, the love of a Mama. So sweet that she would put that comforter page in.

Roxanne said...

Love this. . .and have one just like yours.