Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lessons From The Barn

Y'all know that Daughter has been taking horseback riding lessons. She adores it and she has learned a lot. It is amazing what a child's brain can store.

Anything related to animals or DS games is instantly filed and locked away. Other things like, oh, cleaning their rooms or picking up the towel off the floor are instantly dumped.


When she first began horseback lessons, I was clueless. (Okay, I'm still clueless.) I thought a pony was a baby horse. I didn't know what a cinch was or that there were special names for colors and patterns.

I was never around horses growing up. I was never interested in horses, either. Many of you shudder at the thought, I know. My own daughter thinks I'm nuts.

The truth is that I was a wimp and that I really didn't like the smell of manure (who does?) I also never liked to be dirty for very long. I liked to play in the dirt, but once I was done, I loved to come inside, take a long bath, play with my Barbie, and put on some nice, clean footie pajamas.

That's still me, minus the Barbie.

It also takes me a very long time to get up the nerve to try something new. I am very cautious and get frustrated when I don't get something right away. This is why I never learned to drive a stick shift. (And why Hubs will ski alone for the rest of his life. Bless his heart.)

However, I love animals and I appreciate them. I also appreciate the people who work with them.

That's why I've dedicated this post to Daughter's horseback riding instructor and to all the beautiful creatures she shares with us each week.

All I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned In The Barn:
A Clueless Southern Girl's Attempt At Horse Humor

1. Horses are a lot like people. They have personalities, feelings and moods.

2. Horses are much different than people. They weigh more than you do and can kick you in the head if you don't follow safety instructions.

3. Always wear a helmet when around horses.

4. The barn is a lot like your home. Everything should be put in its place so you can find it when you need it later.

5. It is easier to motivate a kid to put away tack than it is to put away toys. Maybe we should tell our kids that they are raised in a barn.

6. When the ride is over (good or bad) it's always best to walk it out.

7. Always listen to your instructor.

8. Always listen to your horse.

9. Stuff happens. When it does, you shovel it, learn from it, and get back on.

10. Sometimes you step in it. (To avoid this, see #'s 7 and 8.)


The Bug said...

Excellent life list - I think most of these are rules that I should live by! Except the shoveling manure part - not gonna happen :)

I don't know why I wasn't interested in horses - I liked trying new things, & my cousin had a horse I could have ridden (and I JUST THIS MOMENT realized that - 30 years later!). I guess if someone had said that I could read a book while I was riding I would have been right on it LOL!

Carpool Queen said...

I got kicked by a horse because I didn't know there were rules.

My #1 rule is DO NOT RIDE THEM.

PS - Ponies aren't baby horses?

Melanie said...

I love animals too but not so much horses. One almost bucked me when I was a kid.

I did ride one on vacation in California and I think he was related to Eeyore...SLOW!