Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday's Fave Five: Silly This or That

1.  Yesterday I was at a local gift shop purchasing a stack of cards.  I like to purchase cards in bulk. If I need a card, I buy that particular one and also buy some for any birthdays or other occasions over the next few months.  That way I can have them on hand when I need them or just completely forget I have them and buy duplicates later.  It all starts out to be a very efficient plan.

So I was paying for my cards when a little boy behind me kept stomping his foot. I thought he was marking time with the Sinatra tune playing overhead, but then I realized he was just a nervous kid.  After a few minutes of this, his mother finally said,"That's enough."

I wanted to turn to her and tell her it was enough for me about 100 stomps before that.  However, bless her heart for her patience.

Did I mention they were standing in line to buy candy?  That's just what you need to give to a nervous kid- a bag of candy.

The clerk put the candy on the counter after she counted the pieces.  She added up the amount, then waited as another clerk rang up my cards.  In the meantime, the leader of Stomp nervously waited for his candy.  The clerk then offered him his choice of one free silly band from a basket behind the counter.

Silly bands have been around for a while but they have just caught on here in Small Town.  New fads arrive to us via Pony Express.  It takes a while.

So the little nervous boy, wide-eyed, chose one silly band from the basket (which is like eating one potato chip) as the clerk quickly snatched it, I mean gently placed it back behind the iron bars of the counter.  The little boy's mom asked her if they sold them, which they did, in packs, on the other side of the counter.

I chuckled and said to the clerk,"Yep.  Go ahead and give them some crack and then get them addicted."

The mom laughed but the clerk was not amused.

All of that leads me to my favorite thing of the week, which is not silly bands, as you may have guessed.

No, it's the fact that I have a dark, sarcastic sense of humor which old clerks do not understand, but tired moms of nervous kids find amusing.

2. The hamster commercial. Hubs and I have laughed and laughed.  Either you hate it or you love.  We love it. 

3.  Lunch with friends.  I had a nice lunch with a friend yesterday. Our girls played while we talked.  It was great. 

4.  The bug man.  I am waiting for him to arrive as I type.  One of those New Mexico fire ants got me the other day.  We have an area in our driveway where they have taken up residence.  They are about to get evicted.

5.  Good Mexican food.  This was one thing I missed while we were away from Small Town.  There's nothing like taco grease to lift a girl's spirits, until she stands on the scales.

Suddenly silly bands are looking more interesting.

See Susanne for more faves this week!  Thanks, Susanne for hosting.


Ashlee said...

I couldn't view the hamster commercial. Drat this block on the work computers.

I'm sure I would have loved it.

Brenda said...

I love your story and I like that hamster commercial too.

Greasy mexican food is the best. We are getting ready to go and grab some about now.

momma24 said...

Yeah, I don't do rodents so I don't care for the commercial but my kids love it!

I love using dark, sarcastic humor on the checkout clerks just to watch their faces! heehee

Roxanne said...

"New fads arrive to us via Pony Express. It takes a while."

bwah ha ha--You slay me, Mel. Seriously.

Since I live so far out in the middle of nowhere and get NO t.v. reception. . .I'd not seen them hamster commercial. So I clicked your link. Thank you. As I clean house today, I will be strutting to the beat. I'm just not sure WHY they picked hamsters. Is there a reason?

Carpool Queen said...

You and my husband would get along famously.

He refuses to fast forward through the hamsters.

Or that weird sock monkey.

Laura said...

Anything that makes moms of hyper little boys laugh is good! I concur with your love of good Mexican food.

Have a happy weekend.

Susanne said...

The clerk was probably just a little slow on the uptake and had a good laugh about it later when she got it. LOL.

That hamster commercial totally cracked me right up. How can you not love a bunch of rappin' hamsters trying to sell you a car instead of a toaster.

Jaeyde said...

I'm not a huge fan of the hamster commercial myself, but the fact that they are comparing their competition to a toaster (Scion xB anyone? or maybe Honda Element?) is just amazingly awesome. :D

I feel your Stomp induced pain. My dad has ADHD and my husband taps his leg when he's stressed. Bring on the dark humor any day!