Monday, August 02, 2010

More things I don't understand: Flying

1.  Why does the pilot always tell you the weather of the arrival city during the flight?  It doesn't really help me to know it's 95 degrees and humid in Atlanta or 42 degrees and cloudy in New York.  I already packed.

2.  Why does he tell us our altitude?  The number of thousands of feet we are cruising at doesn't really matter to me as long as that number isn't rapidly decreasing and that little oxygen thing doesn't pop down.

3.  The extra weight fee on luggage is a total scam.  I recently was charged for one piece of luggage being 4 pounds over the weight limit. The baggage checker lady told me I could take things out of it and put it in another suitcase.  That makes no sense to me.  Shouldn't it be TOTAL weight of all my luggage? 

I just let them charge me extra because I knew if I had opened that piece of luggage, it would have been like opening a can of silly snakes.  Stuff would have been flying everywhere. Not that I packed snakes.  That's out of regulations.

4. Why do I get excited about the free soda on the plane? I don't even like my Diet Coke over ice.

5. Is it just me or does that little drink cart look like a cross between an ice cream vendor's cart and something from a HazMat team?

That being said, where's my ice cream?



Ashlee said...

Haha!! I haven't been on an airplane YET. After my experience driving 16 hours to Florida in April I will push my fear and nerves down enough to get through the 2 hour flight the next time.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm okay to fly to with a little Valium or my husband sitting next to me.

I remind myself that given enough rocket power, even cardboard boxes can soar through the air.

Roxanne said...

You SERIOUSLY do not like Diet Coke over ice? Please tell me that does NOT apply to a Diet Coke from Sonic. I don't care for my Diet Coke over ice either. . .unless it's a fountain Diet Coke. Then I will pay extra to have one from Sonic because their ice is so perfect.

I know that is a lot of words for just the discussion of Diet Coke chilling preference, but you and I have so many things eerily in common, that this may be the end of our dream of being related. Say it ain't so, friend.

Susanne said...

LOL. I don't fly enough, read: at all, to even question this stuff.