Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Goals and The Spice of Life

I've decided to set myself a few goals for the week and post them here.  I mean, really, what better way to hold yourself accountable than to POST IT ON THE INTERNET?

1.  Breathe a little life into the 'ole blog.  Seriously, the dust is settling, mainly because I've had serious writer's block.  I hope to lift that block write out of the way (get it? WRITE out of the way? Tee Hee... sheesh. See I told you.  Blocked.)

2. Walk with friends at least twice a week. 

3.  Get most of the housework complete by Friday so I can enjoy my weekends with the family.

4.  Blog about all the sore muscles which will be the result of #2.

5.  Clean out the spice cabinet.  I realize this isn't a monumental accomplishment in the grand scheme of life, but have you seen how many bottles of oregano I have stashed in there?

Hope your Monday is off to a great start, with or without the oregano.


Carpool Queen said...

I about killed myself on Friday getting the house picked up before going on our trip (vestiges of my mother) but I was glad I did it when I walked in Sunday night and it was all done.

My goal every week is to walk a few times. Maybe my goal this week is to actually do it.

Tari said...

My husband once cleaned out the spice cabinet all on his own (with no promptng from me), and I felt like it was Christmas or something. It IS important!