Thursday, August 05, 2010

On Beauty Products and Brides

I really should rename this blog "This Ain't Updated Very Much.  Check Back When I Remember To Write Something, Probably In List Form."

But that would be really wordy and tough to center in my header.  It could encroach on the curious cow photo.

I'd say we've been busy and productive this week, but I'd be lying. 

Daughter had some friends over one day.  We've had horseback riding, several unfruitful trips to the grocery store (I am holding off for the BIG shop,) and one trip to Sonic. 

My big accomplishment?  Cleaning out three drawers in our bathroom vanity. 

Poor Hubs gets a small area under his sink. The drawers are mostly for me and all my make-up, hair and moisturizing products.  I would say I feel sorry for him, but I really don't think a man needs more than a small area under the sink for his morning routine products. Do you?

As for the results of the clean-up, I realized that I buy a lot of anti-aging products that don't work and that we have every shade of pink nail polish known to woman. 

Maybe that shade of fuchsia will distract from all the wrinkles. 

On a completely unrelated note, I am tickled pink about the upcoming Say Yes To The Dress- Atlanta.  I watch the New York version, but I can't wait to compare the two shows.  It should be a delight in accents, opinionated mamas and the importance of deciding on a hairstyle before purchasing the bridal head piece.  (Priorities, people.)

Have a great Thursday. 

I hope your toes are pink and wrinkle free.



Ashlee said...

Do men actually need a space? I mean, seriously.

Laura said...

I'm looking foward to that show too. And Sonic is a must! MMMM grilled cheese and milk shake. Oh wait, I'm on a diet.

Karen said...

Say Yes is one of two shows on TV that I ever watch. Can't wait for the new one!

Carpool Queen said...

I don't understand how men can go their entire life with ONE aftershave lotion and ONE bottle of LA Looks styling gel.

I've claimed all the drawers in our vanity and the shelves in the bathroom closet and most of the real estate around the edge of the bathtub.

It takes a lot to make me this pretty.