Monday, July 02, 2007

Favorite eateries in my hometown, or some town, somewhere.

There's a meme going around town asking bloggers to post their favorite restaurants in their hometown. I've read a few of them and it looks like a lot of fun.

Being that I don't even divulge what state I live in, me thinks me has to tweek the meme a bit.

Here are a few of my favorite types of restaurants:

1. Sweaty BBQ- I love good BBQ and, no offense to you Eastern Carolinians, but I don't care for Eastern Carolina BBQ. It has to be Memphis Style for me. We lived in Eastern Carolina for a while and I missed me some good ketchup-based pulled pork. My husband did, too. For his birthday one year, I had dinner from Corky's shipped to our house.

For a moment, I believe he thought he was Elvis.

Some of you are wondering what on earth is sweaty BBQ. I'll tell ya. When you walk in a place that sells bbq and the place is clean and air conditioned (not including Sonny's), just politely tell the hostess you won't be needing a table and walk out.

Good BBQ comes from places where it is hotter than blue blazes and the cook is literally wiping his brow as he pulls the ribs out of the pit. Don't worry about the health inspector report. There is none.

The best places serve light bread. (Light bread is just plain ole' sandwich bread straight out of the bag. I have no idea why we call it "light." We just do.)

2. An authentic ethnic place, like Mexican or Chinese. Never eat in a Mexican restaurant that plays rock music or a Chinese place that plays jazz. It's just not right. And I'm sorry, but I don't want a red-headed Irish kid bringing me my wontons.

3. A steak place that serves real, honest to goodness beef. It's what's for dinner. Steak shouldn't be fancy, just good. While I appreciate the attempt at cowboy atmosphere, you can just leave out the country line dancing. I've got a big knife in my hand and I'm trying to cut up my meal. Don't distract me. Someone could get hurt.

4. Country cooking like Granny made. I like the kind of place where I have to walk up onto a porch to get to the front door. There aren't many tables, but all of them have a nice tablecloth draped on them and one fresh flower in a milk glass bud vase. They serve fried chicken every day, but the vegetables are seasonal. In the summer, you can get the best fresh sliced tomatoes and butter beans. You have a choice of biscuits or cornbread and the tea is always sweet. The closest chain to this type of dining would be Cracker Barrel.

Now I'm hungry.



boomama said...

You need to come over to my house next week. We're having some Mississippi friends for supper, and I'm going to cook country fried steak, rice and gravy, squash casserole, butterbeans, cornbread, and homemade chocolate pie.

And sweet tea. Naturally.

The Snipes said...

This all sounds so yummy!!!

mandy said...

this post is torture!