Saturday, July 14, 2007

You could call me Martha, but I've never done any time.

I love crafts.

I've never aspired to be crafty. I've aspired to be thin and beautiful, but I really don't look good in brown. If you're confused, go here.

Craftiness just comes natural to me. I don't mean to brag. Besides, what's to brag about knowing how to use a hot glue gun and scorch the fingerprints off your hands?

The really cool thing is that my daughter loves crafts,too and if she doesn't have a pattern or a plan, she can make one up on the spot. Give her some pipe cleaners (PC term-chenille stems) and some Scotch tape and Ta-Daaaaa!

A Working Whimsical Whirlygig complete with the Gig.

Seriously, her resourcefulness could make MacGyver turn Martha Stewart Green with envy.

This Summer we have been on a craft marathon. We've made stepping stones, suncatchers, and today a bona fide homemade lava lamp. Not to mention a huge mess on the kitchen table. But I think part of Motherhood is remembering childhood. And the kitchen table is just a flat surface screaming for acrylic paint and glue globs, merely disguised as an eating area.

And can I add just one more incomplete sentence for literary effect?

The lava lamp sans lamp (and lava) was so much fun that I wanted to share the instructions with you. We also learned a valuable chemisty lesson. The characteristics of polar and non-polar, or in other words, oil and water don't mix. :>)

Have fun and go get that kitchen table dirty! It's crying out to you for some glitter!

"Groovy, Man" Lava Lamp

1 clear plastic jar or bottle with a tight lid
baby oil or vegetable oil
glitter, sequins, beads or anything that will catch the light
food coloring (gel or liquid)

1. Fill the jar/bottle about 1/3 full of baby oil.

2. Sprinkle the sparkly stuff

3. Fill nearly to the top with water

4. Add one drop of food coloring (a dark color like blue or red works well)

5. Fill to the top with more water

6. Replace lid and tighten well (You're working with youngsters and food coloring, people. Hey, I'm crafty but I'm not crazy.)

7. Shake well and see what happens. :>)

The "lava" doesn't float in blobs (is that a scientific term?) like the ones from the 70's, but it is still really cool looking.


Tammy said...

This sounds girls love crafts! And it can also be a kind of home school learning on the side thing, don't you think?

You're lucky...I'm creative, but not crafty. Go figure!

Grafted Branch said...

Sounds great! I'll send my girls right over...

Oh, not what you meant? ;)

I'm fairly practical, but not terribly creative; which is to say I can make a slip cover, but don't ask me to string a mobile.

Janelle said...

Thanks for the push with a craft recipe. That sounds like tons of fun. I really want to make stepping stones for grandparents' Christmas gifts. But honestly, the mess in the kitchen stops me from diving in.

Susanne said...

Too cool. I'll do it with the dayhome kids this summer too.

Unknown said...

Hello! I found you by way of Mandy and just wanted to say hi! Your posts are so funny! I am convinced that every great blogger is from the south! I totally get your sense of humor! (This yankee is a Belle wanna-be!)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love "part of motherhood is remembering childhood." Very profound, actually. You are thus both profound and crafty.