Friday, December 04, 2009

Excuse the typos. It's frostbite.

Last night I was up late watching Boomerang (Tom and Jerry. It's a secret, silly indulgence)and I decided to check online for the current weather in SmallTown.

This is what I found.

Party Cloudy
Current Temperature: 15
Feels Like: 5

If it were not for the cows, I'd think I had moved to the Great White North with Susanne.

FIVE DEGREES. That's just cold. Why even bother counting.

Five. Degrees.

That's as high as you can count at that temperature because your fingers are all frozen. Not that I count on my fingers. I'm just sayin.'

I think today may be a good day to bake, if I baked. Since I don't bake, we may do some crafts after school.

Maybe some hot glue will thaw out my fingers.


Karen said...

We LOVE Tom and Jerry. My 16-year-old son watches it every day during our lunch break from school. Last week we were in the car and I had a Glenn Miller CD in, and he said, "Hey, that's Tom and Jerry music!"

Amy said...

Do you like the ones where Tom and Jerry get along?? or the ones where Tom and Jerry are at odds??

It was a favorite 2 am feeding show for me!!

I'll send you warm wishes from CA


Roxanne said...

"That's as high as you can count at that temperature because your fingers are all frozen."

Huh-stinkin'-larious. You made me laugh. And five degrees is, indeed, insanely cold. I remember once in high school that it actually got to ZERO in the little town where I loved. We were AMAZED. We said things like, "It's zero degrees. . .as in there is NO heat."

Carpool Queen said...

I'm just a couple states over from you today (don't I sound closer?) It's super cold and windy and I'm rethinking my decision to move back to the plains.


Melanie said...

It's cold here too. Not 5 degrees mind you but cold. It hasn't been out of the 30's for the last few days. Being from sunny Florida and all, it's tough to look at the thermostat that says 17:( Stay warm.