Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reality Check

First, thank you for your comments on yesterday's post. Many of you are like me, a stressed mess.

I also want to mention that I am not naive to believe that all women have a Godly husband. Many are married to non-believers or to men who are struggling with something. To those of you without support, please know that God cares for you. He honors those who continue to walk in His ways, especially when they have no support from their spouse.

Do not be discouraged. God is in control.

On a much sillier and less important note, the pitiful wreath I spoke of is still on my front door. The wreath itself is not too bad, but the bow is sad.

Now, in addition to card mailing and gift shopping, I have to make a bow.

Fortunately, I am of the bow making group. I take a bit of pride in that fact, especially since I am not a member of the cookie making group. (Unless slice and bake counts.)

Hey, not everyone is a Martha. In the biblical and Stewart sense.

Happy Tuesday.

Let me know- are you a bow maker or a cookie maker? Both? Okay, go ahead and brag.


fuzzytop said...

I can't do bows, but do just great with cookies.... My waistline wishes my talent was bows, but, oh well!

I didn't get to comment on your post yesterday, but I loved it!


The Bug said...

I'm a cookie EATER - & I don't do bows (how do you do it so the pretty side is always up? However, I do wash a mean dish :)

So I guess I'm a wee bit of a spiritual Martha, but Stewart & I don't even know each other.

Carpool Queen said...

Bows are my cryptonite.

I'll trade you cookies for bows, any day.

Susanne said...

Oh no. Only those two choices? I am neither. Even though I bake cookies at Christmas, it is not my favorite thing to do. I'd much rather cook a meal. Love to cook, hate to bake. And I couldn't tie a lovely bow if my life depended on it. That's why they have bags of bows to buy. :v)

Anonymous said...

I'm a cookie maker. Bows and I don't get along. I don't even put those shiny paper things on packages.

Karen said...

Cookies only. If someone had a gun to my head and said, "Make a mediocre bow," I would have to die. Not a creative cell in my body.

Anonymous said...

Cookie maker here. Years ago, I found a recipe for chocolate chip cookies...so divine! As far as bows, I stink. I let my mother-in-law hold that crown.

Amy said...

OK for once I can honestly say that I am pretty good at both. However when Martha gives me a recipe for something that includes stuff like flat leaf parsley, celery root, or pink kumquat she is dead to me.


pcb said...

Cookies. My bows always look ridiculous.

Melanie said...

I am so in the cookie baking category. I can't make a bow to save my life.

Roxanne said...

I can, actually, do both, but this year I've chosen to do NEITHER!!!! Do you still love me then?