Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Random Dozen: We're off to see the Wizard in our comfortable shoes.

1. Which Wizard of Oz character are you most like?

I'm not a huge Oz fan, but if I have to choose one character for this question, it would be Dorothy.

Some days I want to click my heels and fly "home."

2. When you're deciding what you're going to wear each morning, which item do you select first? Why?

The bottoms. I go for comfort.

Then I decide which color I want to wear and pick a top that matches. I don't think about jewelry until I put on my watch and think, "Man, I need some new earrings or something."

I find this method to be very fashion forward.

3. What kind of animal do you think the world could live without?

Snakes. It's Biblical.

4. How many Christmas trees are in your home?

Two. One is the regular tree. The other is a small tree in a basket with berries and pine cones. It goes on the porch or in the guest room. I got it at Target at 90% off. (Score)

5. Would you prefer to be emotionless if it mean you didn't have to feel a heartbreak?

No way. That's how sociopaths are made.

6. Do you ever experience holiday let-down or depression?

Yes. January and February give me the blues. I look forward to Christmas, enjoy it, then it's done. The void is often hard to adjust to. The cold, dreary weather doesn't help either. Now, I've learned to prepare for it and try to come up with new ways to decorate, add color or light to the house. It helps.

7. Do you like Michael Jackson's music?

Yes. He and Madonna were icons in my jr. high and high school days.

Whenever the Thriller video came on, my friends and I would call each other to watch it.

"Thriller's coming on! Turn on the TV."


"Call me back when it's over."

8. Why is it that we never judge people who have their teeth fixed for cosmetic reasons, but every other cosmetic procedure has a stigma?

Everyone needs a good smile. It can be embarrassing for a person who is uncomfortable with their teeth. Most other cosmetic procedures are not done to prevent embarrassment. Although, they can help a person feel better about herself.

Just a thought. I really have no idea.

9. Enjoy horseback riding?

I enjoy doing things that my daughter loves. She loves horseback riding. I wasn't really around them as a child, so I guess I never got the fever. I am also a very cautious person. No adventure in my blood. I'm glad my daughter enjoys it, though.

10. Shoes--practical or stylish?

Both, though I lean toward practical. They have to be affordable and somewhat comfortable.

11. What was the name of your first pet? Feel free to post a pic.

I had a poodle named Marcus. He was my friend and confidant. My parents thought it would help me get over my fear of dogs. It just helped me get over my fear of poodles.

12. What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done?

About 70%. I'm finished shopping for most of my extended family and friends. Living in SmallTown makes me plan ahead.

'Cause, Toto, we're not in Kansas any more.

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Jill said...

Your answers really made me laugh.

Melanie said...

That is the same thing I am singing these days. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore:)

We are in the north and you know how I know that? Sam's Club does not sell grits! Can you believe it?

Amy said...

Man I remember those days of the Thriller video. I must admit that I had to watch it through my open hands though...I know I am such a big ole baby!!

The things we go through for our kids...mine were a constant stream of monster truck shows and an NSYNC concert for my little guy...he was 4 and worshiped NSYNC...too funny


Joyce said...

Loved your answers today....particularly your fashion forward strategy : )

Susanne said...

LOL. Great fashion forward strategy. Sometimes mine comes down to "What's left that's clean".