Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cold enough for ya?

My in-laws just returned from an excursion to Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica. Like they couldn't just hang around for this snow storm in the Midwest. :>)

Now, for me, Antarctica is just a tad bit too cold. I like warmth. Not too much, though. I wouldn't want to go on a safari in the scorching heat. I guess I am a tepid traveler. Ok. I'm a wimp. My idea of roughing it is when Hampton Inn runs out of the continental breakfast.

But, in the spirit of those who do have a real sense of adventure, I will attempt this little Welcome Home post with lots of photos from the web (not from their trip) and sarcastic, I mean serious comments.

Welcome Home! Keep warm and drink lots of cocoa or coffee, or whatever it is you do when you return from the literal ends of the earth. ;>)

This is what happens when you forget to defrost the window of your car while in Antarctica. Don't ask me what kind of car would actually run in Antarctica, but I am pretty sure, whatever it is, it has some pretty awesome antifreeze invented by NASA.

The morning gargle. AGGGLLLLAAAALLALAAGH!!!

I call this shot "Two Men and A Fish Cooker"
This is what you do for Thanksgiving in Antarctica.
Peanut Oil, Meat, and an Iceberg. Let the good times roll.
"Honey, can you pass me the rolls and hand warmers, please? I can't feel my thumbs."

The downside of booking with a discount travel agency.
"But, the brochure said it was a room with a view.."

At the end of the trip, everyone gathered 'round and sang Kum Ba Yah, but someone forgot to start the campfire and half of the group fell dead from hypothermia. A tragic ending to an otherwise upbeat vacation.

*All photos courtesy of smart scientists, cold people I never met, and a really cute penguin.


Tammy said...


OK, if I wasn't sitting here at the computer freezing already, your post sent me over the edge!

(That last picture with your comment was halarious!):D

Nancy said...

As you know, I love to travel most anywhere. I would love to have a couple of days taking my own photos in Antarctica, but I too would not enjoy the cold. Did they take a cruise? That might be just the time to book the budget cabins by the boiler room.

Melanie said...

Yes, it was a cruise. And a fun one. They met a lot of seasoned travelers along the way. I am looking forward to some REAL photos of the trip. :D

Air Force Family said...

I love traveling and Antarctica is on my list! A cruise would be alot of fun, I like the cold, but the windy cold.
I'll be looking for the "REAL" pics of the trip.
Have a great day!

Susanne said...

That is too funny. Especially the last one! They fell down dead from hypothermia! What a sense of humor you have!

Mommy Dearest said...

You got a "whoop" out of me on that last one - hysterical! That's the kind of thing that's going to happen if you forget to light the fire, though, so this post was really a word to the wise. Very responsible of you.

Jen said...

wow!! what an experience for your in-laws.