Thursday, December 21, 2006

More On The Mommy Award and Homeless Cats

Because of some comments about this post, I feel like I should explain.

It is very hard to tell a story in text only, without any opportunity to use expression or voice. So, I want to tell y'all why I shared that story.

I usually share funny or sweet stories about my daughter and me, but not every moment is funny and sweet. Some of them are sad. Some of them remind me that I have a lot to learn as a mom. I have a lot to learn as a wife, too. I depend on God every day for guidance in both areas.

My daughter is very sensitive. She is also very dramatic. Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which she is being at the time. I am still learning. Sometimes she is being both. What happened in Winn Dixie was a good example. My concern at first was that she was sick. Then, she finally told me she wasn't. Pushing the issue in the car was just a way to "get it over with." I thought she would feel better once she got it out, no matter what it was. And, once she did share her feelings with me, she did feel much better. She realized Mommy was a little more caring and sympathetic than she thought.

For those of you who asked, there actually was a donation box for the homeless cats at UPS. It is by the register. I told her that we could put money in there the next time we are there. (We also are owners of a previously homeless cat.)

In the meantime, we are working on communication and "signals" when she doesn't want to tell me something (even in a private whisper) around other people.

Thanks for reading.


Nancy said...

Somehow I missed the homeless cats story this week. How sweet she is; it reminds me of my oldest. :) It takes him a long time to process stuff and talk about it. I know Seaside was having an awful time with feral cats. Are the ones the UPS box is trying to help in the city you are in?

Anonymous said...

We are all learning! I have a sensitive and an oh-so-NOT sensitive child and I struggle with treating them each differently!