Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Almost Christmas, Y'all

I am still working on my tour of homes. You must be absolutely at the edge of your seat to see the glittery, glued, popsicle stick and pipe cleaner ornaments, so I shall make haste...

Also- if you have blogger beta, I am having trouble commenting on your blog. Just want you to know I'm not snubbing you on the tour. :>) I'll try to comment later... and while I'm thinking about it, Mommy Dearest/Home Sweet Home has some awesome looking snicker doodles, so head on over there before they're all gone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie! It's funny what kids will say (I read your post below this one).
I was having trouble leaving comments on beta bloggers. I switched to being a beta blogger myself and now I have no problems leaving comments on either.

Hope this helps. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that glittery popsicle stick!

You can sign up a google account and then before you start touring sign in to your google account and then on the beta bloggers use your password stuff for the google account. (The google account is not signing over to beta blogger by the way).

Tammy said...

I am on the edge of my seat, you're right! Hurry up, now! :)

(And yes, ditto what Susanne said...Sue helped me out with that advice and now I can comment on both. But you have to put in your blog address in your reply because it won't link you...)

Anonymous said...

The snickerdoodles are all gone now! Thanks a lot! ;-)