Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesdays Transformed: Christmas Edition

How The Grinch Borrowed Christmas
By: Melanie, This Ain't New York

There's a lot of hoop-la about words and phrases
So much to-do that it often amazes
Red isn't red, and green isn't green
Nice isn't nice, and mean isn't mean.

No one is bad and nothing is good
Unless it's a film out of Hollywood
The celebs like to blame all the suits on the Hill
CNN is at odds with a man named Bill

Terrible crooks who should be sent away
Are told to dress warm and go out and play
By judges who think everyone needs a friend,
Unless you're a war veteran, home on the mend.

Then there's the controversy of 25 December
For Christians, it's a special time to remember
When Christ was born and the angels above
Sang a glorious anthem of Peace and of Love.

But now they want to call it just a holiday.
It's up to us to keep it a reverent Holy Day.
I am here to tell you that nothing has changed
Only the words and the phrases have been rearranged.

Whether Wal-mart says Christmas or Holiday at the door,
The world never did acknowledge Christ as Lord
They only used Him this season to makes lots of loot,
Just as they promote the man in the red suit.

So, why are we shocked and say they're all wrong
When the world just calls Christmas what is was to them all along
To those who are lost and don't know the reason
For a time that is now called a "Holiday Season."

To all of the Who's in Who-ville I say,
Let's keep Christ in Christmas every day
So, the world may know He is more than a word
He's The Savior, The Way, The Truth, and The Word.

No Grinch, no store can take Christ away
He lives in our hearts and He's there to stay
Stand up for Jesus, but do what is right
Let the world see His Mercy as we continue this plight.

This fight will continue and this Who will keep praying
That the world may understand my reason for saying
As I leave the mall and head out of sight
Merry Christmas to All and to All A Good Night.


Anonymous said...

This was really good. Did you write this Melanie?

Melanie said...

Thanks. Yes, I did. :>)

Grafted Branch said...

*ovation* "Bravo! Bravo!"

Well said, Melanie.

Nancy said...

Well done. So many truths there.

Anonymous said...