Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things You May Hear Today At The North Pole

In honor of my Daddy, my husband, and all of their many trips to the store.

1. "Santa, I have everything nearly ready for Christmas. I just need you to go to the store for a few last minute things."

2. "Ok, honey. Just make me a list."

3. "I need wrapping paper, bows, Scotch tape- now don't get the off brand, coffee, cream of tartar, and a pound of Virginia baked ham from the deli- sliced thin for sandwiches. And, take the sleigh. The SUV needs gas."

4. "Take the elves with you. I'm in the kitchen and they just get under foot."

5. "All of them? I can't concentrate in the store with all of them. I'll just take Elf Junior. Can you pick out something for him to wear?"

6. "Where are my boots?"

7. "They're by the door."

8. "OK. We're leaving now. I'll be back soon."

Three hours later...

9. "Where on Earth have you been?"

10. "Well, Columbia was out of coffee, so I had to go to Hawaii. Virginia's ham was too high, but North Carolina had some on sale. I got it sliced really thick, like you like it. And here is your tartar sauce."

11. "I can't make sugar cookies with tartar sauce. Sigh.."

12. "Where's the Scotch tape?"

13. "What tape? You didn't tell me you needed tape. Now I have to go back...


Nancy said...

My mom never sends Dad to the store, because it would end up just like you've written.

Anonymous said...

Now that is absolutely hilarious! And oh, so true!

Julie said...

Ain't it the truth?

Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!