Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Super Bowl Party

Husband is away with work, and I don't mind telling y'all for fear of any Ring Of Thieves from BooMama's house or other threats to my life or sanity since this is the blogosphere and not CNN.

Plus, I've got this guy watching my back.


My husband's trip is why my daughter and I had our own little Super Bowl Party. On Friday, her extra cool teacher Mrs. J. let them dress in their favorite team colors or any color of their choosing that was festive and sportsmanlike and party-ish. The class had a fun day filled with voting for their favorite team and watching an Air Bud movie.

The whole voting process consisted (I think) of most of them picking either their parents' favorite team or that of Mrs. J., with her being so cool and all. Mrs. J did use this as a fun teaching tool, introducing graphing. I am all about creative ways to teach math. (I hated math. My kid doesn't know that. Shhhhh...)

At the end of the day, my daughter had decided that Chicago would win,
or as she said it, "Da Bears."

Do you hear the snorts of laughter traveling across the internet?

She has NO IDEA what is funny about Da Bears. She was just repeating Mrs. J. The. Ever. So. Hip. Teacher.

Anyhoo. My daughter was convinced Da Bears would win. Then she went for the Colts. Then Da Bears, and so on. To be honest, the girl just loves horses and that is the only reason she would choose the Colts over Da Bears.

But, since Mrs. J was rootin' for Da Bears, she had herself in a pickle- My love for all things Equine or my love for the coolest teacher evah?

What's a girl to do?

So, I told her that she could root for Da Bears and I would root for the Colts and that is what we did, after we went to Winn Dixie just before the game (Mommy was trying to evade the drunks) and bought the following items:

Diet Coke
Healthy juice that I convinced my daughter would taste good and is in a cool bottle
DiGiornio pizzas
Little Debbie valentine cakes
Chocolate candy
A WAY COOL basket that was originally 12 bucks that I bought for $1.49 with my Winn Dixie Rewards card. It has a handle, a plastic liner, and a fabric liner and is the perfect size for rolls or biscuits.

Because, NFL or not, my friend, I am all about finding a bargain.

I promised my child that she could pick dinner and snacks. She is a really good eater normally and it won't kill her to eat faux food for one meal. I am sorry. I don't care what that skinny cook on Food Network tries to tell you, you just cannot eat spinach tofu nachos at a party. Can. Not.

Would someone please call Paula Deen? I need some real food.

Let me also tell you that our family does not watch sports. Even my husband only watches the World Cup. That's it. Sometimes I will catch a Braves game, but that is rare. We are just like that. Call us nerds. We are. We won't lie, but watching sports would not make us any cooler.

The closest I ever got to watching a football game was dancing at half time with the band. The yard lines have no meaning to me unless I am trying to do a kick line while making the shape of a "D." I did attend a Falcons game once, as a dancer in the college band. All I can tell you is that the Falcons lost and I was more excited that the Braves played on the same field.

So, you can picture the athletic ambiance at our house tonight. As the game started, my daughter brought out two stuffed animals- a pony and a bear. She dug through her collection of beads and we both wore the proper colors for our team.

When the Colts scored, I yelled,"Nayyyy!"

When Da Bears scored, she yelled,"GRRRRR!"

At one point, the plush pony and the plush bear began to fight and I told her that they needed to be friends. Her bear looked at my pony and said, "Wanna go get a smoothie?"

As the game played on we ate our pizza and our Little Debbie cakes, talked about the commercials (that I screened carefully), and we both cheered. The party ended with what I believe every Super Bowl party should not be without- a session of nail painting, complete with Pastel Pink Twinkle nail polish. Then, the Super Bowl fan of all fans was off to bed in her Hello Kitty gown.

I can't wait to hear about the post game wrap-up tomorrow with Mrs. J. Oh, the drama of elementary school and the NFL.



Brenda said...

Sounds like a great party. My girl and I also indulged in Super Bowl food, but we didn't watch the game. Instead, we watched who knows how many episodes of The Closer on TNT.

Linda said...

If only all "enemies" could just pick up and go get a Smoothie. Maybe we should invite the Taliban. I love nay and grrr. Go HORSIES!

Susanne said...

Sounds like a seriously fun superbowl party! Especially the manicure when it was all over. Because we all know after all that serious grrr-ing and naaay-ing that a girl's nails have to look good.

Mommy Dearest said...

I confess that I was reading in bed (I feel a little better today) and only turned on the halftime show. My husband and one son watched it in the living room. I can tell you what Prince wore, but not even the score (or who won!).