Friday, February 16, 2007

Sadness In the Baby Department

Y'all know that my sister-in-law is having a baby girl. I could just burst with excitement and my daughter is about to explode.

So we have a lot of fun looking at all the cute baby stuff.

We were in Target today. They are having their baby sale. The store was filled with moms-to-be and moms and dads pushing strollers with sweet little bundles of joy. It was nostalgic for me as it wasn't that long ago (at least it seems) that I was in stores like Target looking at bibs and onesies, picturing how the little outfits would look on my little baby girl.

With all of the wonder and wide-eyed babies strolling by, it was this conversation that really broke my heart-

A mom-to-be was shopping with a friend. They looked pretty "hip" and if you asked my daughter she would have said they were wearing stylish pants. :>) Both looked like average shoppers, just searching for a great find.

The two of them stood in front of the bib display, the ones with phrases like "Princess Drool" and "Thank Heaven For Little Boys."

The mom-to-be turned to her friend and said,"I want a bib that says, "Blank you. I blanking rock!' Forget this 'I love Mommy' crap!"

My heart broke. It really did. I can just picture in my mind the life that little baby will have. I truly was not trying to judge, but what kind of environment is that for a child? I could tell by her tone that she wasn't joking. She was completely serious.

So tonight after I tuck my daughter in to bed and we say our prayers, I am going to say a silent prayer for that tiny baby who is yet to be born. And his mom.


Linda said...

Oh, I have been there, just sick at my stomach. When I first heard that Madonna was pregnant years ago, I felt so sorry for that baby.

Linda said...

I just saw that you won in the humor category at Hidden Treasures! I can say that knew you "when!" Congratulations, you SO deserve it!

Barb said...

Melanie, this made me sad. How on earth was she raised, for heaven's sake. Some people truly should not have children.

I pity her poor baby.

Granny said...

Oh my...and some day that mother will wonder how her child got such a foul mouth and bad attitude. She won't think it's so cute coming from the mouth of her four-year old, will she?

Will she?

Missy R said...

Melanie - I found your blog through BooMama's. I have a soft spot in my heart for Albany, GA. I was born in Phoebe Putney! However, my family moved to another state about a year after I was born. My Dad still has a touch of that south Georgia accent, which I love!

Regarding this post, it does sadden our hearts as moms. But thankfully, motherhood changes many women. Once they hold their precious gift from God, they realize they will never be the same. Priorities change. Maybe motherhood will change this young lady into the woman God meant for her to be!!

Dreama said...

Bless that baby's doesn't sound like that mother knows the Lord or she would know that children are a gift from Him. I will pray that she finds that out before its born.

Mommy Dearest said...

That makes me sad and turns my stomach at the same time. Wouldn't she want the little guy to love his mommy?

We're listening to the book on tape of The Secret Garden now. It has good examples of kids who are allowed to have anything they want (and become spoiled brats!) and how that can change. I had never read it but I'm really enjoying it!

Grafted Branch said...

Sometimes things change when the reality becomes more real.

At least I hope so.

Heidi said...

Hi. I came here through Laurel Wreath. Most everything else I read was fun (bravo for the award), but this post broke my heart! So sad. You're right though, we should be praying for these people.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I was out with my husband last night and heard a mother call her toddler daughter "dumb***"--it made me wonder what her mom had called her when she was little. The only way to stop a cycle is just that--to stop it.

Okay, but I didn't come here to leave a downer comment--I came to say how much I love your funny comments! I see you everywhere (Boomama, etc.) and always laugh at what you write :)

And congrats on the Hidden Treasures award--Ethel is a hoot!