Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why I Love To Read Boomama Or What's So Funny About Doublemint Gum

Last Spring I received an email from Nancy titled "Southern Women" with a link to
one of the funniest posts I have ever read. This commentary on Southern Mamas was my very first introduction to reading blogs and to Boomama.

I called Mama and read it to her on the phone. First I had to explain exactly what I was reading to her, that it was from a blog on the internet. This led to an explanation of what a blog is and how people write their innermost thoughts on their computers for all the world to read. Mama still confuses the concepts of emails and websites. So, blogging? A challenge.

Mama and I both laughed out loud, the kind of laughs where you have to take deep breaths just to maintain the oxygen flow to your brain.


Boomama wrote about how her mama prefers teeny, tiny bites of stick gum, but not necessarily denim. And Maaatha, her mother-in-law eats only two Pringles at a time. Gum and Pringles all in one post- I was hooked.

Hooked, people. You could see the barb sticking through my cheek. Reel me in.

I was hooked on reading Boomama's colorful renditions of her southern relatives. With every single laugh I could picture someone in my own family saying or doing some of the same things Boomama described. What's more is that Boomama can make anything funny.

Any thing.

I truly believe that if she were to actually post about watching grass grow we would all be rolling on the floor in tears of laughter. She would end up with 3000 comments of "You crack me up... Grass. Growing. Funny stuff!"

She's just talented like that.

I have never met Boomama but I have read enough of her writing to know that she would be ever-so-humble about my bragging on her greatness. That's why we keep reading her blog and well, her Mama raised her right.

The other day I read
this post, the one that convinced me that Boomama is in fact the Kevin Bacon of the blogosphere. If you have never played the Kevin Bacon game, go here for an explanation. You'll see what I mean.

So, Boomama, congratulations on being a finalist in the Share The Love Contest. Consider yourself loved by this blogger and many others out there!

Thanks for inspiring us as writers, moms, wives and women who love The Lord. If I never meet you on this side of Heaven, I will be sure to look you up on the other side.

I'll just ask St. Peter, "Do you know which one is Boomama?"

And he will reply, "Why, yes. She is the one in the sassy pants!"



BooMama said...

Melanie -

I was so confused at first when I saw the title of this post in my Blogines - I thought somehow our feeds had gotten crossed. :-)

You are way better than I deserve. Thank you so much for such sweet encouragement. And I had actually forgotten about this post - but now that I think about it, I think it was the first time I introduced Maaaa-tha to the masses. She's a mess.

You've made my night!

Melanie said...

You are so welcome, Boomama!

Eagles Wings said...

I laughed so hard, you are so right about boomama.
I love the comment about heaven ... she'll be the one in sassy pants