Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And Noah loaded the animals in the ark, one potato, two potato.

In the true blog tradition, I am going to share my day with y'all.

Here goes.

Try to stay awake, please.

This morning I painted a dolphin in my daughter's room. Her room is slowly getting finished, first with jellyfish, glow in the dark fish, and today a dolphin. It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Most importantly, she liked it. She also pointed out to me that all dolphins need a buddy.

I responded, "I know they do, but I was having a hard time fitting that one where he is, so you will have to be his buddy."

Next up- A sea turtle and a sting ray.

I am also in the middle of redecorating some scarecrows for my porch and I'm all tapped out of vintage clothes for them to wear. So I headed off to the local indoor flea market for some bargains and some inspiration.

Oh, and I have signed us up for this little thing called Trunk or Treat at church (more on that later) where we are expecting up to 1500 children. Yep. Can you say,"FREAK OUT?" Normally I have planned, sketched and started making something for this type of project by now but I am having difficulty with the logistics.

The theme I am going with is Noah's Ark. Has anyone out there every tried to turn the trunk of a Camry into an ark? Oh, the cubits!

So I'm at the indoor flea market hoping for a treasure, a gem, some tiny bit of inspiration among all the Elvis posters and the spoon rests that say "Florida." All I could find was a wooden box that said "Taters."

Taters do not inspire me. Unless I am eating the taters, then maybe the carbs could give me a surge of energy straight to my brain cells, inspiring me to build a boat full of animals out of a Toyota.

Or not.

I left the flea market with nothing. No treasures. No inspiration. No Taters. Nothing.

And that was my day.


ValleyGirl said...

Wow. Fifteen hundred kids would've blown me away, too. I'm definitely interested to hear about this 'trunk or treat' thing, though! Very curious.

Linda said...

Taters inspire me. Esp with a lot of butter. But I know your underlying panic about making it all come together. God will come through, and it will all work out beautifully. It always does. My favorite quote this week, "Oh, the cubits!" I'm sending you a cute "treat" button because you doing a lot of seasonal decorating. Enjoy.

Roxanne said...

My mother's answer to every "festival" type thing was a fishing booth. . .so set up a big sheet or something--slap Noah's ark on it, then get some bamboo and attach string with clothespins on it. When the kids come for a treat at your trunk, they can go fishin'.

Last year we did a pumpkin thing where you had to shoot out the candle in the pumpkin with a water gun for out trunk or treat booth. The wind was blowing though, so the candles kept on going out.

Susanne said...

I am so not creative that way that it would have panicked me to no end. A theme in a trunk? The thought has me wanting to run to bed and cover my head.
You go girl! I'm sure you'll come up with something. Anyone who can do a bedroom like that will think of something to transform her trunk!