Sunday, October 14, 2007

Craft Update

In case you were wondering...

The scarecrows are finished! Yeahhhh. I have a city girl and a country girl having tea on our front porch. It was fun.

Noah's Ark- ahem. Not so finished. We are given the choice of what theme to go with for our trunk and I chose Noah. My goal is to use a Bible story. That was a good, kid friendly one to me. Unless I can find some gopher wood, I may have to change my mind on the story.

We'll see...

Y'all have a good Sunday!


Roxanne said...

You know. . .you still COULD use the whole "fishing" theme but rather than just having plain clothespins on the end, you could glue birds to them--like the dove and the raven that Noah sent out. Then when they fling it over the sheet and into your"trunk" then can bring back something like the birds brought back.

Theresa said...

How about some pictures of the tea party? I know I'd love to see them.

I am so uncrafty.

Great blog,