Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dangerous Activity Among Our Teens

Have you heard of The Choking Game?

It is a "game" kids are playing where they either choke a friend and then release them, or choke themselves and release the ligature. The goal is to feel a so-called high after passing out.

This activity is extremely dangerous and kids are dying across the country. Their friends are telling them it is safe and that "No one dies from passing out."

Take a minute to read about this deadly activity, its slang terms and warning signs.


pinkmommy said...

My dad's friends' teenage son died this way almost a year ago. He was a bright, sweet, energetic kid. Please read up and talk to your kids!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Man, 22 years since I first learned about it and witnessed it with my very own eyes in the girls change room after gym class, and kids still haven't gotten any smarter. Scary stuff.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Unfortunately, I've been hearing about this game forever. Occasionally, when some unfortunate child dies, it makes the news again. How I wish every parent on the planet knew what to watch for and how to warn their children that this game kills.

Sherri said...

This is so scary. It isn't something that I ever witnessed growing up, and I hope my children don't either. It will certainly be something that I educate them about!!
Thanks for the reminder!

tAnYeTTa said...

The first time I ever heard of this was in this movie--In the Realm of the senses.

Needless to say, any type of behavior like this never turns out good.

thank you for posting this.

Loni said...

Thank you for writing about this and bringing awareness to your readers. I am a Christian homeschool mom of now 10 living children. We lost our 16 year old son to this "choking game" almost three years ago. We never even knew this game existed - let alone would kill one of our children. Kids don't think THEY will die. He had such wonderful and godly ambitions, yet he learned of this foolish game, and it killed him. Thankfully, Matthew knew Jesus as his personal Savior, and we will one day be with him again. Thank you for sharing about this, and I pray daily our son's death can save other children's lives.

He died on the 11th, and today on my blog, I am writing about this choking game as well, and happened across yours as I was searching for news stories on this. I notice several same blogs we visit, including praying for Heather.

In HIS Grip ~ Loni