Tuesday, October 16, 2007

At least I'm not allergic to corn.

I woke up about an hour ago after going to bed at 7:30. That would be before my child even thought of brushing her teeth. And before all the old folks thought of taking out their teeth.

Don't worry. Hubs tucked her in, so you don't have to call CPS on me.

It was about 7:00 when it hit me. It started as a sore throat. Then my head started to stop up with goodness knows what, one nostril, then the other nostril, then back to the first one. It just wouldn't make up its mind!

Allergies. Dreadful, mean and hateful allergies. They either make me sleepy or keep me from sleeping. And breathing.

So now I am awake in the wee hours of the morning, checking email and blogging. And watching every, single, low-budget infomercial ever made in film school 101.

Much to my surprise and shall we say, um, glee? I find Field of Dreams. Baseball and Kevin Costner when he still had hair.

If I could breathe, this could be heaven.


Linda said...

OH Sister. We fighting the same greenish=brownish monster. At times like that, I'm so glad blogs await.

Carrie said...

Sorry you had allergies last night, but really glad you found Field of Dreams... those infommericals could send you into a coma, if not kill you.

Theresa said...

A lot of my friends and family are finding relief from allergies by taking a teaspoon of honey made from your neighborhood everyday. It seems that the small dose of pollen, made from the bees, gives your body a booster shot type effect and your body builds up a resistance to pollen allergies.

I've been having trouble sleeping at night too, but last night, thank the Lord, I sleep over 12 hours straight. It was catch up time.

Have a blessed day.

{Karla} said...

hopefully you are resting comfortable at this point??


alright - I know - that seems silly, because obviously if you are reading this you are up. but you know what I mean...


Susanne said...

Awww. My heart goes out to you. That is just no fun. But just think, if it would have happened, you wouldn't have found Kevin Costner, with hair even. He's one of my favorite actors, too. Hope a good rest and watching Kevin makes you feel better.

Kellan said...

Yea - Kevin Costner could cure most any illness.

Roxanne said...

Icky allergies here. . .I call it the mysterious Yankee weed. Who knows what it is--but it blows through here each fall and leaves me a blithering idiot.

Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies. . .EVER. I just watched it recently for the fun of it.