Monday, October 01, 2007

Car Seat Safety: Kyle David Miller Foundation

Most of you have probably seen the video warning parents about the dangers of some car seats for young children, urging the use of a 5 point harness.

Kyle's parents now have a foundation in honor of him, hoping to reach more parents and save children's lives.

Take a look at the great things being done.

Our hearts go out to the Miller family for their loss. Thank you for reaching out to others in the midst of your own tragedy.

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Roxanne said...

My friend Carolyn turned us on to the five point harness back in '98 when we had our first baby. When we had our second, we bought another. We actually had to go get another rear facing seat when he was 6 months old--because he ALREADY weighed 18 pounds at 6 months. A lot of times folks will turn their infants around when they hit 20 pounds, but EVERYONE (police, pediatricians, etc.) say no matter how much a baby weighs, their skeletal structure is not ready to take the forward force of a crash until they are 12 months old.

Our daughter didn't move into a booster until she was 6 years old--our son was a little earlier since he was 50 pounds at 5 1/2.

Both of our children (6 and 9) are over 50 pounds and are in boosters now. Our 9 year old keeps asking when she can get out. . .not complaining. . .but most of her friends are out. I am LOVING all of the commercials regarding boosters for kids who are not yet 4'9" or 80 lbs. I just point out the billboard or the commercial, and now she knows what she has to get to. We also make sure to pull the seatbelt out all the way, then let it go back to "lock" the kids into their booster. Our vehicle has this option. That way they are locked in until they unbuckle rather than having to wait for us to slam on the brake to lock them in. It gives us more control over how tightly they are held in their belt.

After reading your post for 5 pt. harnesses up to 80 pounds, I mentioned the possibility to my husband. Neither of our kids will be GLAD to get back into a 5 pt. harness, but a little complaining and a little money has never been worth so much.

We will weigh our options, and make a decision. Thanks for posting this.