Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just Set It And Forget It

Most nights I am up late Swiffering the floors or blogging, or watching TV. After about 10:30 PM nothing is on, not even on HGTV, so I surf and surf and sometimes I just give up. I end up purposely watching cheesy commercials. Some of them are downright comical.

We are all familiar with the king of infomercials- Ron something-or-other. You know, the man who started this entire genre of advertising. His most memorable one is for the rotisserie oven. It looks so easy. All you have to do is impale a chicken, set the oven temp., and forget it! Really! He wants you to forget it! Only you can't forget it, because you are watching the chicken rotate over and over and over. I picture most people standing at their kitchen counter, staring at the bird, the succulent juices staying in the meat, while the fat is dripping to the bottom. It is absolutely fascinating, even mesmerizing. People have been hypnotized by it.

Ron's latest is for a set of knives that Emeril himself must have. "BAM! Watch me cut this tin can and then slice a tomato! BAM!"

These are not Ginzu's, folks. No, you will not see any kara-TAY on this commercial. A bona fide chef with a real chef's hat and apron actually uses these knives to cut the most unimaginable things- Bread! Cheese! Roast Beef! Have you ever heard of such? I am so glad they demonstrate for me because I, the ignorant consumer, would not be able to figure out how to slice bread without this incredible, educational segment.

My very favorite product advertised now is "Urine Gone." Yes, there are apparently millions of people out there with a urine stain problem. This product is so powerful that all you have to do is spray it on your carpet, your furniture, anywhere urine is an issue in your household and the stain disappears. And, get this, it even removes the smell!

Here is my thought on this product- If you have urine stains throughout your home to the point that you require a special product, maybe cleaning isn't your problem. Maybe you need to see a physician!

If you stay up long enough, there may be an infomercial for a unique urological formula that can eliminate your problem. Stay tuned... and have your credit card ready.


Big Mama said...

I am dying laughing! Are you serious that there is a product called Urine Gone? That is just wrong on so many levels.

Susanne said...

I couldn't believe when I first heard of a 1/2 hr. info-mercial. Who has time for that?

Melanie said...

Big Mama-
Yes- and you can even buy the kit with the black light so you can identify the stain. Scary. Sounds like CSI.

Jami Leigh said...

Thanks for the laugh! I needed one today.

LadyLaker said...

Urine Gone may sound crazy but as an avid pet owner I have had it come in handy when the pets peed on the carpet etc... I havent seen the infomercial but the first thing that comes to my mind for this product is animal urine on your carpets etc.... also we have a 4 year old that pees on the carpet when he is mad at us... this product is great to make sure that all the mess is gone and there will be no smell left!