Friday, August 11, 2006

Sociology 101 and Decency for Dummies

Today was one of those days when I just took in my surroundings, observing people, their behavior, their expressions, you know- the kind of stuff you had to do in college for a grade. But, I was doing all of this sociological, anthropological boggle just for the fun of it.

I need to get out more.

I met my husband for lunch at a fabulous Thai place. While sweating profusely and attempting to cool my lips with the rice and the sweet tea, I made an observation- lots of men also enjoying their lunch (and sweating profusely.) Well, you know my theory on that, so I mentioned said theory to my husband. He is quite familiar with my restaurant rating method. I informed him that we, being a couple and all, were totally throwing off the experiment. (If you are lost, go to my "Scientific Method" post! :>))

After a very hot and very garlicky meal, I headed to TJ Maxx, where I observed that I don't really need about 90 % of the merchandise in the store. Yet, I am drawn to the fringy pillows and the fluffy sheets that only cost $60.00! This is really a bargain, see, because in a regular store where all the suckers shop these same sheets would cost $100.00! I would be saving $40.00! Wow! Let's not mention the fact that my family wouldn't know the difference between Egyptian cotton and Alabama cotton, and I may as well just head to Target for some $30.00 sheets. Let's face it, people. The only part you really feel is the pillow case those few minutes you are trying to drift off into la la land. After that, you aren't even conscious!

Now on to the next store- Books-A-Million, or as my husband says "Books One Hundred." I browsed the store, looked at the local interest books, the sale tables, and so on. (Let me digress. My biggest fear is to someday actually publish a book and then see it at a book store on the clearance table, or worse- The Dollar Tree!)

I headed back to the magazine wall, looking for a copy of Southern Lady (love it!), and there, on the shelf, was the current issue of Bazaar. Let me prepare you for the next time you are out with your kids- Ya'll, Britney Spears is NECK-ed. Not naked. No, naked is what you are when you go to the doctor and put on that little paper gown. Naked can be somewhat dignified in the appropriate situations, like birth. No, people, she is neck-ed. And very, very pregnant.

Appalled as I was that anyone would pose for a magazine cover necked and pregnant, the other thing that stood out to me is that she has dyed her hair brown. (Funny a southern girl would notice another southern girl had returned to her roots, so to speak!) We have a pregnant, neck-ed, dyed hair woman on the cover of a magazine for all to see.

Granny would say, "Lord, have mercy!"

I know there are people who say the pregnant body is beautiful, blah blah blah. I won't even try to argue with you, though I disagree. My point here is that, no matter how beautiful something is or isn't, it doesn't mean that everyone has to see it. Can we have a little self control? This is what women's lib did for us? (Don't make me go there on that one. Have to save that for another post!)

Please, Britney, if by any smidgen of a chance you are reading this blog, go out and buy all those magazines girlfriend, whatever you have to do to remove them from all shelves. Go put on something decent and pose for a nice magazine your mama would be proud to show her friends, like Southern Lady! But, before you pose again, please, please, I beg you- get your highlights done.

I wound up not buying Southern Lady. I purchased a gift instead. Something about Britney just threw me off.

So, what did you observe today?


Susanne said...

I tend to agree with you. Being pregnant is wonderful and beautiful but I don't know what is the deal with being photographed necked for all the world to see. I think it's just another step in our culture where someone is pushing the envelope on what we as a society will accept. My personal thought (and please no one send me hate mail for my opinion) but I think Ms. Brittney's career is in a bit of a slump compared to her rivals and she needs to keep herself "controversial" and in the public's face.

Big Mama said...

I saw Britney's cover a few weeks ago and thought it was confirmation that she has truly lost her mind. I know some women feel their most beautiful when they're pregnant (I wasn't one of them), but let's do everyone a favor and keep our clothes on. Once you get to the hospital to deliver, you'll get to be nekkid for all the world to see!