Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How to Keep Betta Fish Alive and Well, and Not Floating at the Top!

We have a Betta fish "Rainbow" who is over 2 yrs. old. I hope I don't ruin our luck so far with this post... no such thing as luck, so here goes.

I learned from a dear friend to always use only bottled water (any kind will do) when changing the water in the bowl. I don't add any of the water additives and I never use tap water. We have even moved with this fish and he has survived.

That's my tip for the day- bottled water for your Betta fish! Works for me. Be sure to visit Shannon for more tips.


Mom2fur said...

I used to have a betta fish. Now I'm wary because we have two cats, LOL! But I think using bottled water is a great idea. Another tip I'd give is to let any water you use come to room temperature before changing over. That way you don't shock the poor little fishie with the temperature change! Oh...and your fish is living a good, long life!

MommyJess said...

That is a great idea! Probaby cheaper than dechlorinator and the water is already at room temp!

Susanne said...

Two of my kids have beta fish. I'll pass on this tip!

Kelli said...

You are ab-so-lute-ly right! we had a beta for a so very long, and that is what we did!

Long live Steve.