Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Child's Wisdom

Sometimes the most profound words come straight from the mouths of babes.

My daughter struck me with one of these moments a few days ago. We were just going about our day, the usual routine, when she said, "Mommy, I'm glad I was born."

Of course, I am glad she was born too, but I want to know what are her reasons. And, why is she thinking this way to begin with?

She explained,"So I can help people and animals."

Siggghhhhh...awwwww....bless her sweet, little, precious, yes-that's-my-girl! heart.

What makes it so sweet, is that I know she means it. I am, of course, openly and proudly bragging right here on the web to all of the 1 or 2 faithful readers of my blog. But, the thing is, I know you get it. We have all heard a child say something so innocent and so sincere. That's what makes them children; they are so open and honest. Our prayer each night is that they will grow up to care about people, animals, and most of all, to love Jesus and ask Him in their sweet, little, precious hearts. We pray they will not be hurt by the terrible evils of the world, jaded by the images on the nightly news, and, Heaven forbid, literally hurt by someone.

So, when they just come right out and say "I want to help others" or "Mommy, I wish all the animals had a home" or (my personal favorite) "I want to be a missionary," our hearts melt. They just melt, right into that squishy, soft, cuddly place mommyhood has placed us.

Then we share it with grandma and our best friend, and of course, we post it for all to read. We know that other mommies and daddies have been to that squishy, soft, cuddly place too. Their hearts have melted there, and they, too, have dwelt in the warmth of this thing called love. It is a love unimaginable, indescribable, until it is expressed in the profound words of a child, your child, God's child.

Thank you, God, for the sweet words of children.


Mama Duck said...

That's so sweet!!

Susanne said...

Aaawww! My heart's in a puddle here!

Laurel Wreath said...

Amen from the bottom of my puddle =))

I had my middle schooler come home from church camp and out loud wondered what it would be like as a "youth pastor". Well my heart skipped a million beats, and I say (in my calm voice) "God will lead you honey, ask him what his will is for you, you may not know for awhile but that is a good dream to have." I went to bed with dream of my son preaching =)))

BooMama said...

So, so sweet. Doesn't it amaze you that their little hearts can be so tender?

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I saw your comment on my post, and I went back and read your Wal-Mart post--hilarious! And oh, so true in the life of a mother. Have mercy, I despise taking my children somewhere when the word "Waiting Room" is going to be used!

Melissa said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

She's so sweet. She can be our vet someday....or doctor for that matter. :) If she chooses to be a missionary, I'll support her in that decision too. She's such a doll.