Monday, August 28, 2006

What's In A Name?

Barb, over at A Chelsea Morning is challenging us to explain how we chose our blog's name.

So, here goes.

My dear friend Nancy at The Ultimate Creator and My Many Impressions encouraged me to start a blog. She had started two blogs- one for her business and one for personal use. Nancy knows how much I love to write and just be silly, so she thought this bloggin' nonsense would be right up my alley. (I say nonsense because most of what I post doesn't make a lot of sense.)

Finally, one day I sat down at my computer, logged on, and began to, like Pooh, "think, think, think." I knew that I would write about The South, my family, silly stuff in life, and about my faith in God. I can be serious from time to time, but most of what I write is at least an attempt at humor. That just comes more naturally to me than profound embellishments of magnolias and mint juleps. (Can you see where this is going?)

Most of my life, thankfully, has been filled with laughter- the laughter of my friends, family, extended family, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins, and stray dogs under Granny's house. That is why my blog isn't loaded with mush. Laughter has always been the medicine for me, although Zoloft and Effexor work pretty well, too.

Back to the name.

I love Mary Engelbreit. Her art has always inspired me. It makes me smile. My favorite tote bag has one of Mary's works on it with a woman at her desk, feet propped up, straw in her mouth, and a view of the farm in the window. It also reads, "We Don't Care How They Do It In New York." So, while I didn't take Mary's creation, I was inspired by it.

Another thing you must know about me. I have never really cared about doing things just because that is how everyone else is doing things. If you ever really meet me, most likely you will know right at the start where I stand on things. I don't apologize for that. And, I also respect the views and convictions of others.

So, that is how it all came together. A little sassiness and a little southernness all in one. And, that is also how my old header came to be:

Being Southern has nothing to do with magnolias, mint juleps, and the mason-dixon line. Southern is a state of mind, a kind of soft, warm blanket that you wrap around your shoulders, rocking on the porch on a cool evening. It warms you. It comforts you. It just plain makes you feel better. And, no matter where you are from, you can embrace the Southern state of mind. So, come on and sit for a spell. There's always room for you on the porch.

You still have a Standing Invitation to sit on the porch. Have a seat in the swing. The chain creaks a bit and the neighbor across the street stares a lot. (We call her Mrs. Kravitz.) Just stick out your tongue at her and wave. She'll pull the drapes. Always works for me. ;>)


on the Rock said...

I'm sorry, but "I love NY" so much that it's hard for me to se the "this ain't" part. I even like to visit time square by webcam quite often.

But as much as I am a city person, I equally appreciate the country life as you mentioned. I've never been anywhere southern - sounds real nice.

Susie said...

I love the "attitude" and it is a very inviting blog. Thanks for sharing. I agree that Ben and Jerry's is the best!

Big Mama said...

When I started reading all of the different blogs, your blog name always made me laugh. I think it's great!

Susie said...

Melanie, I love daisies too! Yes, you can link whatever you like to my story. I love to share when God has given something to me.

Susanne said...

I love how your name totally suits what you write like.

Susanne said...

I'm a Southern girl myself, so I love the name of your blog.
Thanks for letting me swing on your front porch! :)

Brenda said...

I love your blog name and the attitude that goes with it. I really like your style.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing. I like how you really summed up who you are here at your blog.

Grafted Branch said...

Found you through Barb', love, love your name and template! Beautiful! What a delightfully humorous way to make it very clear -- that Southern is a state of mind, that is. So true.

Barb said...

Wow. I love your header. And I love your blog title. You couldn't be more right - it's a state of mind. I live in Colorado now but I was born and raised in Texas and a southern girl I'll always be. You can take the girl out of the south but you can NEVER take the south out of the girl.

(Zoloft is wondrous stuff! Not that I take it any more. But I did, oh yes I did!)

Tammy said...

You know I love visiting your blog, Melanie!
And your bi-line is just as good as your blog name! :) Like Big Mama said, your title always made me laugh. In fact, when I was mentioning my blog reading to my hubby one time, I mentioned your title specifically because I thought it was such a cute name!

I've been telling a few people in my replies that if I had known I was going to really do a "public" blog and how much I would get into it, I would have named mine something completely different...but it was suppose to be originally about...well, my family and what we were doing! Except I am NOT from the south, as much as I'd like to be, so therefore, no one has heard me say the word "doin's". :) on the lookout for a name change in the not to far off future! everyone's said- you have a great style and your name suits you perfectly! :)

Melanie said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments. Ya'll make me want to go out on the porch and swing, too! ;>))

Dana said...

What a wonderful header. And it is so true.

Love your blog!