Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fudge, Red Cabbage, and Meat Loaf

This is not my menu for dinner. I am actually cooking chicken leg quarters in a lot of butter, salt, and garlic powder. (Paula would be proud.)

My daughter is, as I type, watching "A Christmas Story" and it is about to get to one of my all time favor-ITE parts- the fudge part. You know, the part where Ralphie excitedly runs out to help his father change a flat tire and, right there on the side of the road, the lug nuts and the language go flying into the cold, winter night. He says the word, the one with all the dashes. They do spare us by Ralphie saying "Fudge" instead of the real thing. (Otherwise, my daughter would not be allowed to watch it, people! Did you think I had lost my marbles?)

This movie is one of my absolute favorite movies for so many reasons. I mean, it has to be. Why else would I blog about it in the middle of August? It is funny to me on so many levels.

A running joke at our house was born from the dialogue of this movie. Any time I have to get up from the dinner table to get something for someone at the table, inevitably the someone who requested the item will say, "Can I have some more red cabbage?" when I sit back down. Most of the time that someone is my husband.

This movie has made its way into my posts on several occasions. It ranks at the top of creative genius (in my book) right there next to Seinfeld. Yes, my name is Melanie, and I am a quote-aholic. Before you do an intervention, please know that I have seen "Cable Guy" more than once, and I know the bitter reality of dependence on virtual reality.

For the many times I laugh, snort, and try to keep from spewing my Diet Coke, there is one part that makes me smile sweetly-

When Ralphie beats the tar out of the bully. Not because the bully gets what has been coming to him for a very long time, but because 1) Randy gently picks up Ralphie's glasses and runs home to get their mom 2) Mom helps Ralphie up and does not get angry and 3) Mom lets Randy drink milk under the sink, honestly reports the fight to Dad, but does it in a way that Dad does not punish Ralphie severely.

See, I love this Mom. She understands her son's heart, (just as Dad does when he gives Ralphie that Red Rider.) Mom understands that punishment for fighting, in this instance, would not be good parenting. Mom knows Ralphie needs her love and understanding, her compassion. She doesn't lie to her husband. She just knows how to approach the subject at dinner as she dollops that spoonful of mashed potatoes on Ralphie's plate. This is a mother's love. And, this is one reason that I truly love this movie.

That, and the" You'll shoot your eye out" part. ;>)


Susanne said...

I've actually never seen this movie but now I'll have to go out and rent it!

Tammy said...

Melanie, this is one of my husband's all time favorite movies! And both of my parents loved it (my dad is now in heaven) but I first watched it with them and they could relate to the time period and listening to Little Orphan Annie and everything!

Although hubby loves it a few notches more than I do, I do agree on the scenes you mentioned...the sweet scenes of family love. And I also love the peaceful ending on Christmas night.

Ok- got to share this...with a gift certificate one year my husband bought a miniature "lamp leg" night light! Heehee...our old dog walked against it and broke it last year and hubby and daughter were teasing me that "I never liked that lamp!"
I guess it was too frag-gil-eee...:D