Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mama Mia!

It's A Pizza Meme

I was tagged by Mommy Dearest @ Home Sweet Home for a pizza meme. It seems it originated from a pizza box!

What was your favorite thing about being a kid? Still being able to swing and not feel like I need to throw up.

What was your favorite subject in school? English, Science. And I majored in Psychology at one time. Definitely not Math. I love learning, but I don't like learning that involves counting.

Who was your best friend when you were 10? I had two best friends- Janet and Sherry. I can honestly say we never left anyone out. It was the only time I really had two best friends at once. It may have had something to do with the fact that we were Charlie's Angels.

If you could be any animal what would you be? Mommy lion. If I could be my pet cat Maggie right now, that would be the life, too. She is treated like royalty, even if she is weird.

What would you change about your school, occupation, life right now? I would be thinner, stronger, faster... with super powers to fight Spandex Girl.

What's your favorite color? pink!

What's your favorite type of crust and favorite topping on a pizza? Thin crust with artichokes, garlic and mushrooms. And a mint.

I may be the last one of the free bloggy world to do this pizza meme. If you haven't done this one, leave a comment. I would love to read it!


Brenda said...

Hey! We were Charlie's Angels, too! Were you ever the bionic woman?

Mommy Dearest said...

I was so Charlie's Angels. I loved that Spandex Girls post - I'd forgotten that was you! You can edit posts and change the date and time on them to rearrange.

Susanne said...

Love artichokes, never thought to put them on pizza! Gotta try that!

Tammy said...

I finally did this the other day, too!
I almost forgot the spandex girl post was yours, too! Too funny!

But artichokes? If we ever split a pizza, we'll have to do one of those half-n-half things.