Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If I Could Design Bloggity Bumper Stickers

1. Christian Blogger On Board

2. Honk if you read BooMama

3. What part of html don't you understand?!

4. My other vehicle is a Mac

5. I post. Therefore, I am.

6. Bloggers Rule. My Spacers Drool.

7. I Love Mr. Linky

8. How many times have you checked your site meter today?

9. What blogroll are you from?

10. Have meme. Will post.

11. Just Say "NO!" to the Anonymous Comment Robots. Support Word Verification.

12. Proud participant of the Tour of Homes

13. How's my driving? To comment, go to my URL. Registered users only.
Bloggers: Please be aware that this is a family friendly blog. Comments with inappropriate language, even using abbreviations, will be deleted. If your site refers to witchcraft or any other subject offensive to the author of This Ain't New York, your comment will be deleted. This is not an exclusive club.
But, I must always Honor Christ on this web page.
Thank you!


Barb said...

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for stopping by my place a couple of days ago. (I'm behind!)

What a clever list! I'm laughing (hard). I'd stick every one of these on my car if I could find them.

Trixi said...

I saw your comment over at Boomama's and decided to come over. Your list is tooo cute. I think I still have a pair of those zippered ankle pants in the attic. They need to be burned.
Trixi 2 cents said...

Love your list!! Those are cute!! Have to say though, there are too many parts of HTML that I don't understand, unfortunately.

Karen said...

Great list! All of those apply to me! Christian Blogger on Board - I love it! Keep being bold in your faith girl!
My Birthday TT is up!

Anonymous said...

Love those. Very cute!!

Melissa said...


How clever! I love your list...except I, too, am an html idiot.

How about "I think, therefore, I blog."?

Susanne said...

How clever of a list is this! Too funny! Sigh! I'm in the club of html wannabe's.

Anonymous said...

yeah I think my spacers drool too LOL!! What a fun list
Happy TT

Mommy Dearest said...

I want those on my van!

Raggedy said...

The verification get longer and longer...yikes...
Great TT
My TT is up
Have a wonderful day!

Lori said...

Great list, Melanie. I always love reading your posts!

Nancy said...

Please send me one of #2 and one of #8. I'll use Paypal, if you please.

BooMama said...

I love #11.

And while #2 cracked me up, I don't think tens of honks would make very much noise.


Melanie said...

As always, BooMama is humble and clever in less than a paragraph.

Grafted Branch said...

Good for you! I delete offensive language, abbreviations and profile pics too.

One older woman left a nice comment on my blog once, but when I clicked over to her blog to check her out, there were many inappropriate photos there. I need more degrees of separation than that, so I had to delete her.

Fun list of bumber stickers. I read BooMama too! :)

twiga92 said...

These are really great! I bet you could sell these easy!

Ann said...

LOVE BooMama. She's one of my favs!

Janel said...

oh, those are too funny! very creative!
I do love BooMama!

Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! (even two and a half years later!!)