Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Have Found In My Purse
(But, not necessarily at one time)

1. a plastic fork

2. leftover goldfish crackers

3. empty goldfish cracker bag (daughter dropped them in my purse to "save them for later")

4. receipts, receipts, receipts- mostly from Target

5. stuffed animal

6. gum, candy, cough drops

7. medicine

8. crayons

9. stickers

10. juice box

11. Spongebob band-aids

12. sunscreen

13. any other item that a little girl or husband could fit in my purse while on vacation, out to dinner, out shopping, or just generally "out" because the Mom Purse is the all purpose piece of luggage.


Big Mama said...

I think you and I are carrying the same purse around!

Susanne said...

I gotta say I've had all those except the plastic fork!