Monday, May 26, 2008

BooMama saves the day yet again.

I'm dog tired.


We just returned from Mama's and I did what most of you would do when you just got home from a trip (after a visit to the facilities, of course.)

I checked my favorite blogs.

BooMama listed Twenty Things She Will Never Do and because I am a weary traveler with nary a brain cell left under this Cheetos and Diet Coke Induced stupor, I am thankful for any ideas for a post.

So, here goes.

Twenty Things I Will Never Do

1. Stop at that Burger King on the Interstate, the one where the young teen was making burgers with his bare hands and I could not stomach the thought of him grabbing hold of my shredded lettuce moments before I ate my Whopper.

(We left before ordering.)

However, the facilities were quite clean.

2. Watch Seinfeld without laughing.

3. Become a librarian.

4. Stop wearing lipstick of some hue. Neutral, natural, whatever. I need my lipstick.

5. Go on The Alaska Experiment. (sorry Hubs)

6. Go on any experiment or other torture adventure series which would require me to partake in something called "roughing it."

7. Stop eating Chunky Monkey.

8. Start eating raw veggies as a delicious snack.

9. Forget the name of the nurse who helped me deliver my child.

Karen. Her name was Karen.

10. Start saying stuff like "when we were pregnant."

We weren't pregnant. I am the only one with stretch marks.

11. Go to a Neil Diamond concert.

12. Quit watching my child sleep.

13. Say "no, thank you" to a piece of chocolate cake.

14. Buy a bikini. (This could be related to #13.)

15. Go bungee jumping.

16. Choose rice over mashed potatoes.

17. Sign up for a Math Seminar.

18. Turn down an opportunity to sop a good biscuit. In the right company, of course.

19. Stop cleaning with bleach. (I've tried, Mrs. Greenie. Really. I start to tremble without the clean, lung-burning smell of Clorox. It kills germs and respiratory tissue.)

20. Buy a label maker.

In other words, I like food and clean facilities. As long as neither of them require me to do math.


Roxanne said...

OR label anything.

Chrissy said...

My friend told me that "they" were pregnant the other day, and it has been bothering me ever since. I think you can say "WE are expecting" but NOT "we are pregnant". It's just inaccurate.

bensrib said...

You know, I read BooMama's list yesterday and started mentally making my own, but I can't seem to come up with 20 things I think I'll never do. I've learned the hard way that when you say NEVER, . . . so I'm nervous.

Jerri Phillips said...

Dropped by from Linda's at 2nd Cup of Coffee. So glad I did. I laughed at your 20 Things I'd Never Do. Right now, "Night at the Museum" and my family await, but I'll be back to visit. Have a glorious day!

Nancy said...

I love, love, love my label maker. It's the only thing I have that makes me "look" organized.

I will not be going to a Neil Diamond concert.....or probably any concerts after June! :) At least not within 100 miles of where I'll be living.

I did consider becoming a librarian, but didn't have a good enough undergraduate GPA to apply for the program. :)

{Karla} said...

my husband wants to do the Alaska Experiment with me too.

ummm... no.

xo ~K

Linda said...

Number 11! Also number 19--me too! Love the Clorox!

Janel said...

I, too, will never stop wearing lipstick.

Great post. I am working on my 20 nevers. It is hard to do!