Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Reasons why I haven't had a real post in a long, long time.

1. My family is smack dab in the middle of a transition phase which has forced me to grab hold of my faith and hang on.

2. To put things in perspective, we are only moving. None of us are sick or dealing with a critical illness.

3. But for me, it is still a move- one that I wasn't expecting.

4. Hubs has been out of town taking care of business. I am always a little off when he is gone. (Okay, I am little off when he is home.)

5. When Hubs goes away, he will always come back with some great blog fodder. Like the fact that a couple sat their very elderly mother right next to him on the airplane and the very elderly mother could not figure out how to work the seat belt.

6. One must also remember that Hubs does not talk to people. If I were on the plane, the very elderly mother would have asked me if I was voting for Hillary and I would have helped her with her seat belt. And her free samples of pretzels.

7. Besides the fact that my brain is trying to get used to the idea that my family will pack up and move soon, it has also been preparing for a Girl Scout overnight field trip.

8. Would someone please sign my permission slip? I may need to be given medication.

9. I had my hair highlighted and it was too blonde, so I went back today to get some lowlights put in. The funny thing is that my hairdresser was also getting highlights. She colored her own hair and didn't like it, so one of her hairdresser friends was putting in highlights to fix it. She rinsed out my highlights while she still had foils in and was wearing a cape.

Life Lesson- Even the pro's mess up their own hair on a whim and have to get someone else to fix their coloring mishaps. I feel better now about the time I colored my hair a deep auburn in college and refused to go to class. My professor did not have any sympathy for me.

10. I am still without a dress for the wedding. I have learned that in order to have a dress, you have to actually go to the store and try them on.


11. This has nothing to do with anything, but my Starbucks lady, Miriam noticed that I ordered a tall instead of a grande the other day.

12. I volunteered in the school library today. YES, THE LIBRARY! But it was a school library. School libraries do not make me twitch.

Anyway, a very sweet and funny older lady volunteers there. She had me in stitches. IN STITCHES. She has volunteered in the library all year. Today was my first day and I realize I have been missing out. She totally needs her own blog.

13. Did I mention that I am going on a field trip with a lot of giggly girls? Overnight? I seriously need to pack...


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Just wanted to let you know that you WILL be ok through this move. We've just moved across the world to the Middle East to follow Hubby's dream, and while it's been a bit of a challenge, we are hanging in there. You'll do fine!! You've got such a great personality I'm sure you'll settle in and make friends quickly. I'll be praying for you and your family though.

If you scan in the permission slip and email it, I'll sign it. I'll even attach a note excusing you should you have a bad hair day. Two for the price of one!!

happygeek said...

Well, a move is usually good for blog fodder if nothing else:).

Linda said...

Don't envy you on the moving bit. Hey, what's so wrong with blonde highlights? And ... is there any chance you go to the same salon as I do because that cape thing made me think of my experieince ....

Roxanne said...

Just know that we will be packing together. . .although my move is "planned." Sorry for the suddeness of it all.

And after you return from the giggly girl trip, I propose that you take YOUR girl to the house of a mom who DIDN'T go on the giggly girl trip, then come home and take a nap.