Monday, May 05, 2008

If this keeps up, I might start making lists.

My mother-in-law is chuckling out loud right now. She knows I am not a list maker. I know that she is. She loves notepads and matching pencils.

I'm just trying to find a pencil that doesn't need sharpening.

My week is going to be busy. Tonight I was supposed to attend a meeting which, by the way, was cancelled, but my friend and I were not notified. (Fun stuff!) I am running lots of errands tomorrow, have appointments another day, a big Girl Scout Ceremony to help plan and run, and it is Mother's Day this weekend and my poor Mama does not have a gift.

And the cat has fleas.

But nothing, no nothing, is going to stop me from having dinner out with a friend and her sweet daughter one night this week. Call it an early Mother's Day gift to myself. Yes, M'am.

How is your week starting out?


PJ said...

My week's goin' about like yours!!! I'm really tired now and am going to sit and do NOTHING for about an hour!!!

Roxanne said...

Ditto. But "snack always helps." Mine was fresh baked french bread from Wal-Mart and a diet coke. NOt the fare of the pre-K crowd, but just right for me.

Susanne said...

Busy, busy, busy. Overwhelmingly busy. I can't believe Mother's Day is upon us already. I am so not ready.