Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's a slow count.

As soon as I turned the laptop on this morning, I checked the headlines to see the results of yesterday's Indiana primary. I tried to stay up. I really did, but something was amiss in Lake County, Indiana last night and these weary, nerdy, election process-loving eyes were tired.

I am obviously a lightweight.

Because the election volunteers in Lake County were still up and counting ballots while the Fox News anchors and I were nodding off.

I have to chuckle. I've been to the polls. I've seen the volunteers. They are retired people, dedicated retired people, yes. But, retired people tend to take their time.

I keep picturing a lady named Thelma who made a special hair appointment on Monday, outside of her normal Friday routine, so that she would look good for the election on Tuesday. And a gentleman named Harold with his pants pulled up higher than his knee socks and a cap on that reads, "#1 Grandpa."

Then there's the loud mouth that no one likes, the one that wants to help everyone. All of the other volunteers look at him and roll their eyes. I'll bet he doesn't get invited to Bridge Night.

I'm trying to be PC here, unlike a few news anchors who said that they couldn't believe the folks in Lake County were still counting because, "Isn't it past their bedtime?"

Well, apparently not. They all stayed up and counted thousands of ballots in the name of Democracy, all after you climbed into bed with your down comforter and hypo-allergenic pillow, Junior.

The funny thing is, one day I can totally picture myself sitting there counting those ballots and you can bet your ballot that I'll have my hair done.


Angela said...

I tried to email you, but your contact email bounced back to me. Please email me at angelahdavis [at] gmail [dot] com. I have a question about one of your past posts.

Thanks! Angela

Rocks In My Dryer said...

You tell em, Ethel. ;)