Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How do you spell Sack Race?

I've always said there is a reason why God made families with both a dad and a mom.

For one, having the appropriate gender available during the potty training phase is always a good thing.

And you can't play Good Cop- Bad Cop with only one Cop.

I'm just sayin.'

Then there's the fact that one parent is bound to be athletic and outdoorsy and one is ya know, not.

Guess which Cop I am.

Today is Field Day at my daughter's school. She is excited. She got up this morning all ready to put on her special Field Day t-shirt and put her hair up in a floppy ponytail. Try as I may to always understand and relate to her feelings and convictions in life, this one is hard for me.

I hated Field Day.

Field Day was extended, organized P.E. and P.E. usually involved a dodgeball that I could not dodge. Amazing too, because back then I was a tiny thing. Back in the day.

I loved recess. I loved the swings (even though now they make me want to hurl.) I loved the monkey bars. I liked to get dirty and explore.

But please don't make me stand in line while little Mia Hamm picks the kickball team. I was always one of two kids left and the other kid was not "tiny." Ahem.

I remember Field Day with all of the relays and races. I'd cling to another non-athletic friend and we would commiserate.

Clumsy loves company.

All the while I was thinking, "Can't we all just go in and have a Spelling Bee?"

Last week, daughter's school asked for parent volunteers for Field Day. Because I say "yes" to pretty much anything other than a field trip to the post office, I signed up. Plus, time with daughter trumps Field Day Flashbacks.

Then, in a wondrous miracle, Hubs took today off.

Hubs plays soccer. Hubs likes to go camping. Guess which Cop he is.

So, this morning I thought to myself, "Self, Hubs can help with Field Day and cheer daughter on and you can go shopping or stay home and brush up on your Spelling."

More reason why God designed the family to have both a dad and a mom.

And besides, sometimes even the Bad Cop needs to expand her vocabulary.



Susanne said...

"Can't we just go in and have a spelling bee?"

ROTFL! Field days are certainly met with mixed emotions. Having had a child who was athletic and loved them and one who abhors them, I feel not only for the "spelling bee" parents but for the kids who are spelling bee'ers who are forced to go through the day.

R.L.Scovens said...

I can relate. I was the one in gym class that no one wanted on thier team. Always the last one picked. I'm divorced now and I have a 10 year old VERY athletic son!

Ok God, what did you have in mind here? LOL

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Oh! I am so with you! You completely described my field day experience growing up. Everyone would leave school with their blue and red and white ribbons. I would always have the green "Particpant" ribbon. Which, for me, I guess was an accomplishment in and of itself! :)

Linda said...

Oh, if only we had known each other and I wasn't olde enough to be your much older big sister but not mom, we could have had our own spelling bees together and been perfectly happy.

Roxanne said...

Oh, I KNOW you enjoyed Field Day from *your* perspective.