Monday, June 02, 2008

She lived.

I was watching Hope Floats last night, curled up on the couch, waiting for the scene when the Mama drops the teacup, anticipating a serious cry, when one of my other favorite scenes came on.

Big Delores.

Poor Bernice, bless her heart, accidentally hits Big Delores with a volleyball and thereby puts her own life in danger.

After all, Big Delores has a gang. It's called "Big Deloris." (love that line)

The moment when Travis and Bernice's sweet friend help her up off the ground after she has been pounded by Big Delores is a precious picture of childhood friendship. Funny how some of my favorite movie scenes involve some kid getting beat up or rescued from being beat up. Maybe it's because I was bullied as a kid...

Everyone was afraid of him. He was much taller than the rest of the class and he liked to use his height to lord over us. One day, we were at recess, playing on the monkey bars, when the bully came over and yelled for us to get off. Everyone hurriedly climbed down and ran away.

Everyone but me.

Just as I tried to get away, he pulled my hair and gave a quick yank. He literally pulled my hair bald-headed. Yep, he was a regular gentleman. Well, I wasn't completely bald but I did have a bald spot big enough for Mama to show to the bully's daddy.

Oh, yes she did.

The boy lived in our neighborhood and after I got home from school and explained to Mama what happened on the playground, she promptly put me in the car and drove me to the bully's house. I can remember standing in their front yard while Mama pointed to my bald spot as evidence. The daddy didn't care (big surprise) and the bully went virtually unpunished.

Mama calmly led me back to the car and drove home. Now that I'm a Mama myself, I can't imagine how my own Mama restrained herself the way she did. I think I would have pulled that daddy's hair bald-headed.

Looking back, I think he was already bald. Maybe Mama got to him after all.


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Roxanne said...

You know, I have suffered a the hands of bullies and watched bullies too. They just stink.

I hope the plug of hair grew back, and that your Mama DID get ahold of that Daddy in some way. :)