Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is this what it's like for the other moms?

This week we are having VBS at our church. Other years I have volunteered by decorating, teaching, directing, floating, or otherwise being sucked into the volunteer vortex.

This year I was on the Decorating Committee. That's it.

Crickets chirping.

Aside from the planning meetings, the hours painting waves and the ELEVEN hours of decorating in which we did not even get finished and I had to leave my good friend Stephanie with the rest of the decorating because I was attending a wedding (insert guilt here), I've pretty much had nothing to do this year in VBS.

We missed Monday because we were coming off of a travel-induced coma and Mama needed her sleep. So, Tuesday was my daughter's first day. I walked her in, stayed for worship rally and then after only 30 minutes I walked out.

Y'all just don't know. It was weird.

Stephanie did the same and as we walked to the parking lot, we turned to each other and said,"This feels strange."

I said, "I kinda feel like..."

"A heathen," she finished.

"Well," I said," I was going to say slacker, but heathen may be the better word."

Not to say that all of the other mothers who just drive their kids to Bible School and drop them off are heathens. No, not at all. I'm just sayin' that, for me, it was very strange.

Nice, but strange.

So today I stood with Stephanie and helped welcome the kids to just help out. You know, I am completely comfortable with not being there all day, every day. I have no problem just decorating and painting waves and building rock walls out of PVC pipe and paper. I have no issue with that at all.


In fact, I just might go to Target or Wal-mart tomorrow.

Right after I repent and turn from my slacker, heathen, non-volunteer ways.

Seriously, it's a good thing I'm saved by grace alone because our PVC pipe and paper rock wall ended up looking a lot like Snuffleupagus.



Susanne said...

After I said "This feels strange" I would have followed it up with "Wanna go to Starbucks?" LOL. I know what you mean though the drop out you feel when you've been super involved and then all of a sudden aren't so much.

Tracye said...

This is too funny. Love the post!

Roxanne said...

I planned the whole kit and kaboodle with a friend for the past two years--late, late, LATE night meetings beginning in March, HOURS on the computer finding the best deals on art supplies, daily trips to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby for even MORE art supplies, then basically living at the building for the two weeks prior to VBS, then living at the building WHILE directing others, putting out fires, etc. for the week OF VBS.

Our elders hired a single gal to take over as children's director.

THis year, I did t-shirts--designed, ordered, done.

I feel your heathen, slacker, guilt. But it was nice to have a summer.

PJ said...

Too funny!! Something about always being involved...just feels normal.