Monday, June 30, 2008


I was telling Hubs the other day about the times I have cried while watching the news. Oddly enough to some, election results have made me sob. I cried watching the tragedy at Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the OJ verdict.

I cried watching the images of Katrina and the Tsunami of 2004.

You could say I'm a blubbering mess.

But, I also cry at happy things, too...

Like when my daughter was born and I could not believe it was all over. And just beginning.

Or the many, many times in church when God brought me to my knees over the awesomeness of His Love.

Tears are funny. Sometimes the taste of them reminds us of pain, sometimes grief, sometimes joy or laughter.

The Bible tells us that God has kept all of our tears in a bottle. That image is amazing to me. I've always thought that people save things in bottles that are precious to them. I suppose our tears are precious to God, special enough to save and keep, to hold and look at, reminders of our humanness.

I picture rows upon rows of bottles in God's closet, not in the literal sense of course. Rows of different bottles made of different colored glass. Some of them with corks, others caps. All of them are filled with tears. Each tear represents something in our lives that God fully understands. He looks at our tears with complete compassion and love.

Somewhere in the midst of millions of bottles, I imagine a tiny bottle without a cap made of rose-colored glass and filled with tears. One tear is from a broken heart in high school, one from a news broadcast, and the other a birth. The bottle rests on a shelf in a closet and there on its label it reads, "Melanie."

And that just makes me want to cry.


BevMama said...

Beautiful! You touched my heart tonight with this beautifully written entry. Thanks!
Beverly@happy in the moment

Tari said...

I dunno, I'm like you when it comes too crying, and I'm thinking He has to have a bucket somewhere - or maybe a child's blow-up swimming pool for mine.

Seriously, it is a beautiful picture of how much He loves us.

Katie said...

I'm just like you. I'll cry over a hurting child in a newscast. I'll cry while reading to my daughter,just soaking up the moment of her baby-ness.

Tracye said...


Roxanne said...


Your post is perfection--what a beautiful image of God's love for us. Thank you for painting that picture for me today.