Monday, June 16, 2008

My, how the times flies when your feet are aching.

I just got back from decorating for VBS. We left the house 11 hours ago.


My daughter did not even whine. She spent the day with her friend, playing, watching movies, making crafts and eating Happy Meals that we got them for lunch.

Did I mention I have been gone eleven hours?

I had spray paint up my nose, y'all. How does that happen?

There should be a warning on the can which reads,"Hey, lady who is not as good at multi-tasking as she was 5 years ago, don't spray this in the wind on crumpled paper making a rock wall or it could go up your nose or on your clothes or on your friend's shoe."

But in order to get all of that on the can, the print would have to be way too small and I couldn't read it anyway.

I'm just sayin.'


Susanne said...

LOL. There really should be way more directions on any of those crazy cans.

Eleven hours? That is way too much of a marathon day for me. You must be wiped!

Roxanne said...

Oh man, did that ever happen to me last year. . .the spraypaint up the nose AND the being gone for 11 hours. I was half of the VBS planning TEAM for the past two years, but we hired a children's coordinator so it is now her baby. The other day I called the OTHER half of my team, Suzie, and said, "Hey. Guess what. We don't have to make 20 million trips to Hobby Lobby with our ONE coupon each trip to buy modeling clay. WAHOO!!!!" And she was as happy as I was, except I do miss getting to spend so much time with her. We were joined at the hip for about three months and it was fun, fun, fun. Alas, having a summer is also fun.

But I DID have to deal with VBS shirt debacle of '08 today as I volunteered to keep that part of my duties.