Monday, June 23, 2008


Over fourteen years ago, a handsome young man waited at the end of an aisle for a young woman, joyous in her naivety, nervous in her ineptitude and sincere in her love for the one who waited.

The two of them smiled wide when their eyes first caught sight of one another. Although friends and family filled the room, the sanctuary felt empty, quiet, peaceful. The musicians played the chosen hymns but the bride and groom heard nothing but the soft spoken words of each other.

The handsome man offered his arm to the young woman as she gently wrapped her hand around his arm. She still remembers the feeling of his strong arm beneath his dress uniform on her fingers.

The mothers had been seated, as were the grandmothers. Friends were ushered to their seats. Bridesmaids had walked down the same aisle, flowers in hand. A flower girl, with a hand full of blossoms, made her way to her place. Groomsmen stood with hands clasped...

Saturday evening my daughter and I entered a small chapel tucked beneath a Tennessee sky and nestled in The Smokeys. As soon as I stepped in, I saw the handsome young man I'd married over fourteen years ago. He was dressed in a tuxedo and waiting for the signal to take his place as a groomsman.

We exchanged smiles and I was escorted down the aisle to my seat. My daughter was escorted as well by a young gentleman in a small tuxedo- just his size.

We listened to the musicians play as the grandmothers were seated, then the mothers. Bridesmaids walked down the aisle holding lovely bouquets of flowers which matched the beautiful swags that hung gracefully from the ends of the Chapel's pews. Groomsmen stood perfectly straight, hands clasped. My husband was among them, standing with friends of the groom.

The groom who was my husband's best man over fourteen years ago.

And then the doors opened as the musicians played. Guests rose to their feet as the bride entered the sanctuary. She was beautiful. As she made her way down the aisle, the groom never took his eyes off of her.

Music played, a minister spoke, a mother recited, friends read, but the bride and groom knew nothing and no one else but each other. A kiss was shared and the two of them began a lifelong journey together.

Each filling a place that had not been filled before.

One they never knew was empty.

To "Dave and Scully", (or M and T,) God bless you as you begin your life together. We were honored to share in such a special and sacred occasion.


Susanne said...

That was beautiful, Melanie! Best wishes for your friends.

Roxanne said...

I loved this post.

Congratulations to your friends. . .and to you and your hubs on 14 years. Been thinking about you and the move. . .hope all is going smoothly.

Just Terrific said...

Don't you just love how a sweet memory can be brought so clearly to mind at a special event? I'm guessing that the wedding you attended was this past Saturday. My husband and I celebrated our
28th anniversary on Saturday, June 21. Time has flown by too fast! Congratulations to your friends!

Sarah said...

How beautiful! You brought back memories of 11-1/2 years ago for me. It helps to go back there sometimes when life gets a little too mundane!

FabTheMayor said...

What a beautiful post; very well said. As I read it, I vividly remembered locking eyes with Dear Hubby, walking down the isle, beginning the journey I thought I was prepared for. We celebrated 16 years in April.

Tina said...

Just beautiful. I was born up in Canada but now live down "South" This blog makes me smile. I feel like I am a true Southerner at heart. It really is a state of mind. I would love to link to link your blog.