Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art Linkletter, eat your heart out.

Today was my last day of teaching Sunday School. It was bittersweet in that I really need the time that I normally use studying and planning to get ready for our move, but I am going to miss the kids.

Pre-K and Kindergarten children require so much energy, yet they are one of the most rewarding groups to teach. One moment a child is throwing paint at you and the next he is giving you a bear hug.

And one more thing. They are hilarious!

I give you some quotes I have heard over the years of teaching 4 and 5-year olds in Sunday School and VBS.

After seeing that my assistant (a woman in her 60's) brought Hershey's Kisses for a treat, a little 4-year old boy said, "Tell the Grandma teacher not to give me chocolate. It gets me jacked up."

While making a collage of what we would serve Jesus for dinner, a little girl turned to me and said, "Sometimes I drink beer."

On Palm Sunday, I wanted to introduce the beginning of the Easter story. I asked the class, "Who can tell me what is important about Easter?"

The Music Minister's daughter, a Bible scholar at the ripe old age of five, raised her hand and said," What is so important about Easter is that when you put the candy in the plastic egg you have to put tape around it or all the candy will fall out."

Guess who helped dad fill Easter eggs for the egg hunt.

While reviewing the story of the Israelites' freedom from Egypt, I asked the kids if they remembered which country they were freed from.

With wide eyes and total confidence, one girl raised her hand and said,"America!"

One year during VBS our Minister of Youth and Education was giving the salvation message on each age group's level. He was a little nervous talking to the preschoolers and a friend shared some blocks with him to use as an object lesson. (By the way, he had no need to be nervous. He is awesome!)

He went through each of the ABC's of salvation on their level, just to plant the seed in the children's hearts. He used the blocks for each letter.

A- Admit
B- Believe
C- Confess

He didn't notice that there was a picture below each letter on the blocks. (You know where this is going.)

When he finished the message, he asked all of the preschoolers, "What does 'A' stand for?"

They all yelled, "Apple!"

I am so glad that salvation does not involve a ball or a cat. Aren't you?


FabTheMayor said...

Or when your precious cherub is making a "Happy Mother's Day" booklet filled with mom's favorite where to eat, where to vacation, etc. And precious cherub politely raises her hand and asks, "How do you spell margarita?" Gotta love 'em!

Jerralea said...

Thanks for sharing -- I like your stories just as much as "Bulletin Bloopers!"

I know you'll miss teaching your class but sometimes we all need a break.

Roxanne said...

I thought I had commented on this. . .I've already shared the story of the little boy and the "grandma teacher." That is just hilarious.