Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making Waves

This is to prove to the rest of the VBS Decorating Committee that I am in fact at home tonight painting my delegated murals of ocean waves instead of attending the VBS Decorating Committee meeting.

Um, right after I blog about it.

I've been known to make waves in my time but not in the literal sense.

Unless you count the time that daughter and I were sitting on a sandbar and I grabbed what I thought was a really cool shell from beneath the sand.

Turns out the really cool shell was someone's home.

I screamed and flicked the homeowner, a crab that had a serious grip on the end of my finger, right back into the water. Daughter walked on water and ran to the shore.

Then she turned around and, after making sure I was fine, said, "Mommy! Stop that! You're freaking me out!"

I am so glad this year's VBS theme does not include cranky shellfish.


Susanne said...

LOL. I love your girl. She's too funny!

Roxanne said...

How did the waves turn out?

Did you listen to Katrina and the Waves while you painted?

Could you wave to me while you make waves?

Did daughter and husband do the wave while they watched all the action.

Okay--those are just bad.

Time to wave good-bye.