Sunday, December 09, 2007

Comment of the Week #10

This week I give Jennifer the um, not-so-distinguished award of Comment of The Week for the following comment on the Camping Trip.

"My Girl scout experience happened when I was 7. I stepped into an ant pile and had bites up to my knees. I also got sick from the marshmallows. Nevermind that I had eaten about 14 of them. And I stepped in deer-doo-doo. After my scarring experience, I decided girl scouts was not the place for me and haven't camped ever since. But, I should have gotten an ant bite, barfing and doo-doo badge for all that I endured. Just to show I was a survivor."

Girl, if I knew of any such badge, I would send you one. Yes, M'am.

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Roxanne said...

Okay. That's just funny.