Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What I love about Christmas

Besides the obvious, Savior In A Manger, these are a few of my favorite things about Christmas-

1. I love being out shopping and seeing someone buy a bicycle. It makes me smile to imagine the surprise on that child's face Christmas morning.

2. The Salvation Army bell ringers. They are a reminder that there are good things being done for those in need. The sound of the bell reminds me to give, to love and to be thankful.

3. Bows. I love bows. I love making bows. I like wrapping presents. My favorite times are when I can sit in the living room floor at night and wrap gifts, making special bows for each one.

4. HGTV's White House Christmas. Some may see it as a waste, but I love that our nation's home is decorated beautifully and elegantly for all the world to see.

5. Charlie Brown Christmas. My second favorite Christmas movie/show. Sally's letter to Santa cracks me up.

6. Our tree. Every year I choose a night to sleep on the sofa in the living room. I leave the tree lights on and fall asleep looking at our tree. My husband has come to expect it. Mama even asks if I have slept "under the tree" yet.

7. The Nutcracker. I missed it this year, but we usually try to go. LOVE it! Ballet and orchestra mixed in with Christmas. Wonderful.

8. Seeing children start to get excited about Santa. You can see it in their eyes. Just sweet.

9. Birthday cake for Jesus. We make or sometimes buy a small cake and put candles on it. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day.

What about you? What do you love?


Linda said...

I need prayer. I'm currently in the state of Charlie Brown at Lucy's "The doctor is 'in'" booth.

Susanne said...

I love this list! So precious the items on it.

Fresh Girl said...

Your number one reminded me of a sight at Walmart yesterday -- there was a dad coming down one of the aisles behind his wife, wheeling along two little pink bicycles and yes, it made me smile just to think of the little girls who would find them beside their Christmas tree. :)

Jennifer said...

My favorite thing about Christmas has been a tradition since I can remember. Every morning, our whole family, I mean Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, EVERYONE - gathers around in pajamas and socks, eating homemade cinnoman rolls. We sit in a huge circle and read the real Christmas story from Luke 2. Afterwards we go around and talk about what the Lord has done in our life that year, and then spend time in prayer. Since I was a small child we've done this, and the presents always come after our time together in the Word and prayer. As a newlywed, this is a tradition I want to pass on to my children that I hope to have one day. Christmas just isn't Christmas until we gather as a family and praise Jesus on Christmas morning.

Dawn said...

Oh, my gosh I love the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Is that the letter where Sally compliments Santa's wife (did they call her Mary Christmas?) for keeping her name? HA!

Missy said...

I love Christmas house lights. I love that our neighborhood gets turned into a magical place for a month. It makes me feel closer to my neighbors, even the ones I have never met. I think because you don't get to enjoy your house lights much - it really is a gift you give to all the people driving by.