Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On The Camping Trip: Part Two

I really hate to drag this out for you. It is kind of like taking off a Band-aid. It is much better to rip it off quickly and just get it over with. There is so much to share about this trip that there is no way it could fit into one post.

Once during a hike, I turned to my husband and said,"Oh my gosh. There is so much blog material."

Once you measure your life's events by amount of blog material, you know that you have crossed over to the other side.

Kind of like the Matrix with household tips and parenting advice.

We spent our day visiting other troops' campsites. The girls worked hard making things fun and interesting for their new Scout friends. I almost wished that I had been a Girl Scout when I was little. I was also very glad that we let daughter participate.

We were leaving one campsite, hiking to another, with some very sweet Girl Scouts from another troop leading the way. I heard them ahead of us saying,"Don't turn left. Don't turn left."

One sweet little girl took it very seriously and stood at the crossroads of the hiking trail.

"Go right! Go right! You have to go right!"

"We can't go left?"

"If you want to walk 16 miles."

(That would be .16 miles according to the sign, but I am very glad that she took her guide responsibilities very seriously. Thank you, Dedicated Scout.)

We visited one troop and later learned they had hosted some other visitors, too. Namely, two snakes in the rafters.

Lucky for them, a dad was around to retrieve the snakes and relocate them to the woods. This was the same dad who arrived at Toasty Lodge. He told hubs that the snake definitely had a pattern, as in diamond shapes.

Y'all know how I feel about patterned snakes. I prefer my snakes in solids or stripes.

Hubs does not like snakes. He doesn't mind roughing it in the woods and he really doesn't mind mice, except for the fact that they attract snakes. Oddly enough, he is more afraid of the poor sanitation at a buffet line than he is a mouse in the woods.

Because we all know that it was the failure of a sneeze guard at Ye Ole All You Care To Eat Smorgasbord that spawned the Black Plague.


After our supper of chili and hot dogs, we let the kids roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Article 5 of the Girl Scout handbook states, "After hiking in the woods all day with a group of giggly girls, be sure to allow them unlimited access to sugar. Make sure they stand by a huge open flame while cooking the big lumps of sugar with long, pointy things."

Somewhere in the Girl Scout archives, next to the lost Smorgasbord Plague Chronicles, you will also find Newton's Law Of Sugar Consumption which reads like this, "For every giggly girl's rise in energy level there is an equal and opposite change in their mom's energy level."

It is all very scientific.

You see, I did learn something about Girl Scouts.

Now where is that badge??!!

At this point, I would wear the vest.



Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'd never thought of snakes in those terms. I try really, really hard not to think of snakes in any terms at all. LOL

And that vest? I just don't think I could put it on. I had enough trouble getting my girls to put them on. I still have them, too. Safely packed away in a box of keepsakes where they never have to see them again. :-)

Chrissy said...

Okay, that was funny. I'm glad you had a good time.

I'm a former Girl Scout and a current Girl Scout leader, and we're taking a group of first graders this year on their first overnight campout.

The biggest thing, the ONLY thing they care about are the s'mores. We could sit around and do nothing all day and as long as we have s'mores, they're happy.

You do deserve a badge. Maybe you could try wearing a sash instead?